Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here goes...

I'm sure you've all been anxiously awaiting the day I would finally get around to posting something on our blog...well, you can finally let out that breath you've been holding...feeling a little lightheaded? My plan is to use this blog as a way to keep anyone interested up to date on the ever-growing kiddos, the remodeling of the new house, all the going ons of our alphabetical family and hopefully, eventually some fun reviews and giveaways.
Unfortunately, our camera is, you guessed it, in storage with most of our other things and will not be unpacked for at least another week, so no pictures of the kiddos or my beautiful self today...I know, boo hoo:( But fear not, we will be moving in a mere 5 days and then, my friend, it is on like Donkey Kong...okay so we'll see about that:) Until then, the ABCD family sends out much love to you all, the many, many readers of our blog!