Thursday, January 31, 2013

ProgressOh! Makeover Contest + Giveaway!

We all live for those little moments of Oh! when we look and feel our best. The feeling of Oh! when you button up your favorite old jeans ... and they fit! Or the Oh! you get from your friends when you walk into a room confidently sporting a new dress! Those moments of Oh! are some of the best of our lives! When's the last time you had one of those moments? Who's said Oh! lately in your life?

And of course there's the Oh! satisfaction when you discover a delicious ally that helps you beat diet boredom - Progresso® soup! With 40 delicious flavors at 100 calories or less per serving, you are sure to find a soup that makes you say Oh!

Oh! wait...there's even more! Since we all know how important it is to look and feel your best (and get the Oh! reaction from yourself and others), Progresso is giving you the chance to win the ultimate ProgressOh! Make-Oh-ver experience in Hollywood*! Three lucky grand prize winners will get to take the ultimate trip full of ProgresOh! experiences - from a head-to-toe makeover to sightseeing in LA!
Here's what you could win:
  • Round-trip airfare for you and a guest to Los Angeles, California
  • 4 day/ 3 night hotel accommodations
  • A head-to-toe makeover, including hair, makeup and a blue dress to get you ready for your own ProgressOh! moment in Hollywood
  • Two tickets to this season's live finale of The Biggest Loser
  • $2,000 spending money
Here's how to enter:
  • Visit
  • Complete an official entry form
  • Share a photo
  • Tell us why you love Progresso soup
  • Tell us why you deserve a ProgressOh! makeover
Don't forget to tag your content #ProgressOh!
Three grand prize winners will each get the ultimate ProgressOh! Make-Oh-ver from Progresso®!#ProgressOh!
One lucky ABCD Diaries winner will receive a ProgresOh! Gift Pack!

Your ProgressOh! Gift pack will contain:
o2 cans of Progresso® soup
Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese
Light Chicken Pot Pie Style
Cosmetic Bag
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Compact Mirror and Brush

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dramamine for the Whole Family...

"Dramamine®, the leading brand of motion sickness relief for adults, is expanding its line to include Dramamine® for Kids.  Also new to the line is Dramamine® Less Drowsy, which offers the same great relief as original, but with of drowsiness, an unwanted side effect.

Dramamine® for Kids treats symptoms on the spot, relieving nausea, dizziness and vomiting and prevents motion sickness before it happens. Moms trustDramamine®, believe it is safe, and feel comfortable giving it to their kids. Dramamine® for Kids comes in a safe, precise children’s dose, avoiding the need to cut adult tablets.

For adults, Dramamine® Less Drowsy relieves motion sickness symptoms with less drowsiness for up to 24 hours with only one tablet.

Motion sickness is a problem for both adults and kids alike.  According to an Omnibus Study in June 2011, 34% of households with children ages 2-12, have a child with motion sickness. This is three times the rate for adult motion sickness (10% of households.)  Motion sickness is most prevalent in cars, followed by airplanes and boats. Typical symptoms are nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

“When a family member gets sick on vacation, it’s a problem for the whole family,” says Madeline Blaize, Assistant Brand Manager for Prestige Brands. “Dramamine® for Kids and Dramamine® Less Drowsy can help prevent the problem, allowing everyone to enjoy that long awaited summer trip.”

Dramamine® for Kids comes in a safety travel case with 8 chewable tablets that have a great-tasting grape flavor.  Dramamine® Less Drowsy is available in an 8 count travel vial.

For more information on Dramamine® for Kids, Dramamine® Less Drowsy and other Dramamine® products, visit"

What we thought:  Dramamine is always great to have on hand while on vacation.  Whether you or another family member suffer from motion sickness in the car or on an airplane or boat, Dramamine can help to prevent those icky symptoms.  Dramamine has products for both children and adults, too, so the whole family is covered:)  Keep Dramamine in mind the next time you are packing for a family trip!  ABCD Diaries gives Dramamine an A+!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shushybye Baby Review and Giveaway...

"On Sunday, January 27, BabyFirst, America’s television destination for parent-child interactive entertainment will debut the new season of its popular music-centric series Shushybye Baby. (BabyFirst is available on DirecTV, Dish Network and Comcast.)

The DVDs include:

26 all-new complete episodes
56 Shushybye music videos
60 Original Shushybye songs in all
Over 40 fun-filled story-vignettes starring the Shushies!

About Shushybye:
Shushybye is an original preschool entertainment and lifestyle brand, encompassing a national television series, national radio show, Video On Demand programming, series of bedtime storybooks, toys and plush dolls, music CDs, DVDs and sleepwear. Shushybye is all about dreams…dreams made especially for children by the Shushies who live in Shushybye villages such as Nap Valley, Snore Shore and Slumber Heights.  But children have to go to bed on time in order to get their Shushybye dreams (i.e. when Mommy tells them!).  Children make their Dream Wish before they go to sleep.  The Shushies make all their dreams then place them in Dream Boxes.  Conductor McCloud puts the Dream Boxes on the Shushybye Train and transports them to children as they fall asleep on time."

What we thought:  This is  a really cute DVD and would be great as part of a bedtime routine.  They are relaxing and mellow and if you have younger children, they are sure to enjoy the Shushies:)  ABCD Diaries gives this DVD an A+!  

Websites and Social Media:

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wild Kratts "Lost at Sea" Premieres Monday!

"PBS KIDS’ popular WILD KRATTS series will have kids and parents diving into a creature adventure on Monday, January 21, with the premiere of a new science special — WILD KRATTS “Lost at Sea.” During the one-hour event, brothers and wildlife explorers Martin and Chris Kratt go under the sea in two new episodes filled with humor, excitement and a whole lot of science. Kids will also be able to explore natural science with the Kratts through new science games and science videos online, and new videos on mobile. In addition, the on-air special will be available on DVD starting January 22.

To kick off the adventure, the Kratts head to the most populated and diverse habitat on Earth — the coral reef — in “Blowfish Blowout.” Then the Wild Kratts decode the secret language of dolphins, among the smartest creatures on Earth, in “Speaking Dolphinese.” 

“In ‘Lost at Sea,’ families will go on a creature adventure with Martin and Chris Kratt, trusted guides who bring science concepts to life,” said Lesli Rotenberg, General Manager, Children’s Programming, PBS. “In this on-air special, as kids swim with dolphins and explore the bustling habitat of the coral reef, they will learn important science concepts along the way, such as animal life cycles and methods of communication.”

On-air special: 
“Blowfish Blowout”
When the miniaturized Kratt bros are swept up and lost in a swath of plankton, they become part of a crowd of fish larvae all headed to the most populated and diverse habitat on Earth — the coral reef. As Aviva and the gang search for them, the lost bros take up residence on the reef alongside a newfound porcupinefish friend, who will hopefully show them how to survive in this fish-eat-fish world until they are rescued. But when Donita shows up searching for a special Sea Crown fit for a fashion queen, the gang must return the favor and rescue their friend.

“Speaking Dolphinese”
The Wild Kratts team is on a mission to decode the secret language of one of the smartest creatures on Earth — dolphins! With the help of Aviva’s experimental Dolphin Decoder and two young dolphin tutors, Chris and Martin join a pod and try to speak “dolphinese.” But when their newfound friends are caught in a jam with the dolphins’ only true creature enemy — a hungry shark — the bros are embroiled in a hair-raising rescue mission that tests their new creature language skills.

The one-hour science special premieres on Monday, January 21, on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

Online and on mobile:
A new online science game, “Dolphin Dive,” is the first PBS KIDS online game to include real animal sounds! In the game, players can extend their experience in learning about dolphin communication, as they help the Kratt Brothers use their dolphin Creature Power Suits to reunite lost dolphin babies with their pod. Kids can earn their own dolphin Creature Power Suit and then explore a new Coral Reef Habitat. Players will encounter amazing sea animals, as they swim alongside a sea turtle and shark. “Dolphin Dive” will launch in the coming weeks, joining WILD KRATTS’ collection of popular science games."

What we thought: Wild Kratts is our kiddos favorite show on PBS and they were thrilled to participate in this review:)  They have watched and re-watched these new episodes over and over and still love them.  These shows are so educational, even I learn something with each new episode!  If your little ones love learning about animals, these new Wild Kratts episodes are sure to be a big hit.  Check out the latest Wild Kratts adventures on Monday!  ABCD Diaries gives them an A+!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"The Afterwife" by Polly Williams Book Review...

"Sometimes love lasts forever…and sometimes love ends too soon. In the tradition of P.S I Love You and the many love stories that have come before, authorPolly Williams writes one for the books; a heartwarming story that will have you laughing, crying, hoping, and dreaming. THE AFTERWIFE (Berkley Trade Paperback; December 31, 2012; 9780425259436; $15.00), a novel about the undying bonds of love and friendship, will leave you breathless.

Sophie Brady is a force of nature—funny, beautiful, and devoted to all the people in her life—even in death. One January evening, she kisses her adored husband Ollie and young son Freddie goodbye, and closes the door of the house where they all live. At 10pm she's sitting with her best friend Jenny in London's Soho, polishing off a second bottle of wine. By midnight, she's dead, the victim of an out-of-control bus accident. Her life tragically cut short, Sophie finds herself attending her own funeral and watching the reactions of those she holds most dear.

Sophie’s husband Ollie is heartbroken, trying to father their young son Freddie while working out how to use the washing machine. Luckily, she’s not the only one worried about her family. Sophie's best friend Jenny is helping them by ignoring her own pain. But as she grows closer to her friend’s husband, Jenny unearths secrets that make her question how well she knew Sophie, and where the line between loyalty and love ends…

The AFTERWIFE is funny, tragic, poignant and hopeful; reminding us to live life to the fullest with the ones we love. Some say that the best love stories are those which make us feel again, and Polly Williams teaches us that even after tragedy, love can find a way.

As a journalist Polly Williams writes for many publications, including You magazine, The London Sunday Times, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Red. She is the author of six novels, including The Yummy Mummy, which was a London Sunday Times bestseller."

What we thought:  I really loved this book!  It is so bittersweet and the characters are incredibly lovable and easy to relate to.  "The Afterwife" is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. It is funny and honest and easily sweeps the reader into the story all the way to the end.  It didn't take long to read this book, because I couldn't put it down.  ABCD Diaries gives "The Afterwife" and A+!  A terrific read for the new year:)  

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

HALO Oral Antiseptic Review...

"‘Tis the season for exchanging germs!  New Halo Oral Antiseptic is the perfect item to add to your medicine cabinet to protect yourself from all the airborne germs you’ll encounter this season. Halo is FDA-monographed and clinically proven to protect against infectious airborne germs, including those that cause cold and flu.  What’s more, it’s just 1 fl oz and clinically proven to provide up to six hours of protection – perfect for a cross-country flight (and carry-on friendly) and long enough to enjoy a holiday dinner with the family!"

HALO is a really great idea for flights or large gatherings of people.  The taste isn't crazy unpleasant, the spray is quick, convenient and long-lasting and it is available for adults and children.  HALO is an easy first defense against germs that can cause illness in the whole family year round, but would especially come in handy during cold and flu season.  ABCD Diaries gives HALO an A!

For more information, visit:

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Whole Fruit Sorbet Review...

"Whole Fruit Sorbets are an award-winning member of the Whole Fruit Line by J & J Snack Foods. Available in five flavors: Mango, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Lemon.  Voted Best Flavors by Cooking Light Magazine!  WHOLE FRUIT Lemon and Mango Sorbet are bursting with award-winning refreshment."

What we thought:  We really enjoyed the big chinks of whole fruit in this tasty, creamy sorbet.  We also love that it comes in so many mouthwatering flavors!  This unique, fat-free snack is a real treat full of fruity goodness:)  ABCD Diaries gives Whole Fruit an A+!

Connect with Whole Fruit:

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