Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jamba Juice- Perfect for Cooling Down and Fueling Up!

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetSM blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

"Founded in 1990, Jamba Juice Company is a leading restaurant retailer of better-for-you foods and beverages for the whole family. With 809 store locations globally, Jamba Juice offers great tasting whole fruit smoothies, fresh squeezed juices and juice blends, hot coffee and teas, hot oatmeal, breakfast wraps, bistro sandwiches and mini-wraps, California Flatbreads™, frozen yogurt, and the all-new Jamba Kids™ Meals. Jamba Juice is a proud sponsor of “Team Up for a Healthy America” in the fight against childhood obesity, along with the Team Up community of celebrities, athletes, and other leaders.

Did you know:

• Only 8 percent of Americans achieve their recommended target for fruit in an average day.
• Only 6 percent of individuals meet their recommended target for vegetables in an average day.
• 1 percent adults and 2 percent kids meet both the fruit and veggie recommendations each day.

Just the facts

All Jamba Juice Fruit & Veggie Smoothies contain two servings of fruits and one serving of veggies in every blended-to-order smoothie. Plus, these smoothies are delicious, made from only real, whole fruit and vegetable juice—no added sugar.
• The new Tropical Harvest™ Smoothie is made with a fusion of mangos,
peaches, and passion mango juice blended with juices from butternut
squash, sweet potato, and carrot. With only 230 calories, this beverage is
free of dairy and gluten—plus, it’s an excellent source of Vitamins A and C.
• The Jamba Kids™ Berry Beet It!™ Smoothie is made with a delicious
blend of strawberries, mangos, bananas, and mixed berry juice with
carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, kale, and lettuce. With only 190 calories,
this beverage is free of dairy and gluten—plus, it’s an excellent source of
Vitamins A, C, B6 and fiber."

Learn more online

For more menu options or to locate a store near you, please visit
Also, connect with Jamba Juice online at and

What we thought:  Yummo!  Just in time for the hot Texas summer days, we got to take a field trip to our local Jamba Juice.  I tried the new Tropical Harvest smoothie and will definitely be going back for more!  It was so deliciously refreshing!  Good to the last drop:)  The kiddos had a Berry Beet It and an Aloha Pineapple.  They both really enjoyed their smoothies as well and asked if we could have Jamba Juice more often:)  I snuck a taste of the Berry Beet It smoothie and you really can't tell that there is so much veggie goodness in it which really surprised me.  I guess I should have known since I couldn't pick out a distinct veggie taste from my Tropical Harvest smoothie:)  If you are looking for a great tasting way to cool down and fuel up this summer, Jamba Juice is the place!  ABCD Diaries gives Jamba Juice an A+!

Thanks to for making this review possible.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mighty Leaf Tea Review and Giveaway

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"Say “goodbye” to bottles this summer.  Make DIY Mighty Leaf Iced Tea – it is easy, frugal, and green.  Fresh brew a Mighty Leaf pre-portioned tea pouch in 4 cups of boiling water for 4 to 5 minutes.  Pull the pouch out and add ice up to the half gallon mark.  It’s so easy – your all natural iced tea is ready.  Now it is time for Mighty Leaf Iced Tea to soothe and rejuvenate you.  If you haven’t tried us before, you are in for a treat!  What makes Mighty Leaf Iced Tea an other-worldly experience?
·         Hand-picked whole leaves, blossoms, herbs, fruits, and spices
·         Hand crafted artistry of carefully chosen blends
·         Heady and intoxicating aromas
·         Flavors and nuances that dance on your palate
·         Silken to the touch, hand crafted hand-stitched tea pouches.  Seriously, these are the largest tea pouches you have ever seen!  Perfectly portioned for error-free iced tea.
Take fresh brewed tea with you wherever you go in your new Takeya glass water bottle.  Say goodbye to bottled iced teas.  Once you have enjoyed the natural freshness of fruit-infused Mighty Leaf Iced Teas, bottled iced teas will seem wasteful, artificial, too sweet, and high in calories.  For the frugal-minded, DIY Mighty Leaf Iced Tea costs about $.37 per 16 oz serving.  Compare this to bottled iced tea at $1.50 or more (16 oz)!"

Available at most major retailers.  Visit our store locator:

The Takeya Pitcher and Bottle make DIY Iced Tea even easier and more stylish!

What we thought: I am a huge fan of tea and I really love Mighty Leaf.  Their Organic Black Tea is the best I've tried and I love the fruity blends for those does when we are feeling like flavored tea.  They are full of fresh fruit flavor without sacrificing the tea taste.  We drink tea year round, but summer is by far the best season for iced tea and we always like to have a pitcher on hand.  I love that we can make a whole pitcher with just one bag.  This cuts down on packaging waste and saves us money in the long run.  The Takeya pitcher was great for quickly making the perfect amount of tea and I absolutely love the Takeya bottle for tea on the go:)  ABCD Diaries gives Mighty Leaf Tea an A+!!     

DISCOUNT:  Offer your readers 15% off all tea pouches, loose tea, and iced teas (excludes teaware & sale items) on through August 15th.   Discount code:  BCDIYIT.

Win It: Want to win four boxes of artisan-crafted Mighty Leaf Iced Tea, a Flash Iced Tea Brewer, and a glass water bottle?

Open to continental U.S. readers only.  The value of the giveaway is nearly $60!

Prize:  Four boxes of artisan-crafted Mighty Leaf Iced Tea, a Takeya Iced Tea pitcher, and a Takeya glass water bottle with a silicone wrap.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disney Music Gift Cards Now Available!

Thanks to Disney Music, ABCD Diaries was given a gift card for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

"For Disney fans of all ages, the vast collection of Disney contemporary hits and timeless classics are now available for online shopping with the launch of Disney digital music store and music gift cards!

Disney music gift cards make music shopping simple and are perfect for graduation, birthdays and other special occasions.  Consumers buy the cards, with face values of$15, $25 and custom variable amounts, at Wal-Mart and grocery retailers everywhere, where cards are activated upon purchase. From there, users may go to the Disney digital music store, enter a code and shop for instant downloads from a menu of over 12,000 tracks.

The catalog of music available at the Disney digital music store includes current hit artists (Selena Gomez, Bridgit Mendler, and Demi Lovato), Disney Channel series and original movie soundtracks(Shake It Up, Austin & Ally, Let It Shine), film soundtracks (Brave, The Muppets, TRON: Legacy), inspired-by compilations (Frankenweenie Unleashed!, Muppets: The Green Album, Almost Alice)plus classic soundtracks (Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid), Disney Junior soundtracks (Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Pirates), Disney Princess and Fairies compilations, Radio Disney favorites, Spanish language, Songs & Story, and many more.

No other music/entertainment brand offers such a vast array of top quality family-friendly musical entertainment that parents can trust and feel safe about their kids interacting with. Now parents can allow children to browse and purchase music in the Disney digital music store worry-free!"

What we thought:  A and D loved shopping for music with their Disney music gift card!  There were so many different categories to choose from and music for all ages.  The shopping and downloading process was really easy and I loved knowing whatever they picked out was going to be appropriate.  A preferred the current hits and D was really into the Disney Jr and the soundtrack categories.  I thought the Song and Story options were pretty cool.  With so much to choose from, there is certainly something for everyone:)  ABCD Diaries gives Disney Music gift cards an A+!

For more information on Disney music gift cards and a full list of retailers, please visit To access the digital music store directly, go

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sambazon Review...

We were provided with samples to facilitate this review. Thanks Sambazon and Moms Meet!

What we thought:  We recently had the chance to review Sambazon juices and smoothies.  These 10.5 oz juices are made with the finest organic Amazon Superfoods™ on the planet such as Açaí, Acerola , and Yerba Mate. Sambazon boasts ten different flavor varieties, and are packed with antioxidants and vitamins!  All Sambazon Superfood juices are NON-GMO, USDA organic, vegan, gluten-free, and provide whole food nutrition.

My only issue with this review is that when we finally found the juices, the store only had 2 flavors to choose from.  Not Sambazon's fault, our area is very slowly catching on to the health food movement:)  The kiddos really enjoyed the Acai with Blueberry and Pomegranate and B and I loved the Energy smoothie.  I really wanted to try the Protein version so I'll keep checking back at our local health food store:)  ABCD Diaries gives Sambazon smoothies and juices an A!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Flavors from PopCorners-A Great Summer Snack + Giveaway!

Our family has loved PopCorners ever since they first came out, so we were super excited to get to try out the 3 newest flavors to the PopCorners family!
The variety of flavors offered by PopCorners gives each member of our family plenty of choices to tempt their taste buds.  The kiddos really loved the Memphis BBQ and the Sweet Cinnamon.  I preferred the Twisted Salt, though I liked all three flavors pretty well:)
We happened to have a large family gathering while we were reviewing these goodies and PopCorners were a huge hit!  Everyone was excited to try them out and we made fans out of everyone who tried them:)
These snacks are convenient, healthier than many other crunchy snacks and delicious!  ABCD Diaries gives PopCorners an A+!

For more information on PopCorners visit

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YouthPerfect Spa Pillow Case Review + Giveaway!

"Studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to health and overall well-being. And, as people age, adequate sleep is also important to protecting the youthful look of skin. Designed by a medical doctor and a licensed cosmetologist, YouthPerfect’s patent-pending YouthPerfect® Spa Pillowcase now offers the ultimate in sleeping luxury, designed for superior rest while actually working to reduce sleep lines that can become wrinkles.
When sleeping on a regular pillowcase, facial skin can bunch to form creases – also known as sleep lines – overnight. As skin ages, it also becomes less resilient and these lines can start to create permanent wrinkles. With the YouthPerfect Spa Pillowcase, pressure points on skin are diminished for a restful, crease-free sleep. 
“According to the American Academy of Dermatology, resting your face on a regular pillow every night leads to wrinkles. To prevent this, many experts recommend sleeping on your back – not the most natural or comfortable position for many of us,” said Dr. Stan Batiste, M.D., president and CEO of YouthPerfect. “The YouthPerfect Spa Pillowcase Is an ultra-soft, luxurious pillowcase designed to promote restful sleep in any position. Its frictionless and high-quality engineered material blend protects the skin against forming creases that can lead to permanent wrinkling.”
Bonus: Scent Diffuser System Provides Unique Spa Quality Aromatherapy Experience
For an even better sleep experience, the YouthPerfect Spa Pillowcase includes aromatherapy scents in Lavender, Eucalyptus and Vanilla. The scent strips fit into the pillowcase’s inner sleeve for a tranquil, calming night’s rest. A gel-cooling mask to help eliminate morning puffiness is also included as an additional bonus."

What we thought:  This pillow case is so soft and comfy!  It really has made sleeping a lot more comfortable.  I love the scent strips and the aromatherapy oils, especially the eucalyptus.  I never knew what a difference an aroma could make when it comes to a good night's sleep.  I definitely look forward to laying my head down on that cool pillow at night and enjoying the refreshing smell:)  This set really does give your pillow the "spa" experience!  ABCD Diaries gives the YouthPerfect pillow case an A+! 

For more product info – visit

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer Combo Pack Giveaway!

Warner Bros. is proud to announce the arrival of Jack the Giant Slayer released on DVD & Blu-ray on June 18!

Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing Jack (Nicholas Hoult), into the battle of this life to stop them and rescue the princess! 

The question is... are you courageous enough to rescue the princess? Are you brave like Jack?  Take the quiz to find out!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Panther Vision LED Products

"At Panther Vision®, our mission is to make people’s lives easier, more productive, and enjoyable through our ultra-bright, HANDS-FREE, LED lighting technology. Our hands-free product designs are focused on easily lighting the areas where you work with your hands, where you read, or where you do activities and are designed to make sure you can continue your activities regardless of lighting conditions. We accomplish this by incorporating our patented LED lighting technology into products that people use every day, such as hats and ball caps, reading glasses and safety glasses. We also design unique products like our ITZY BITZY® lighted wallet readers and Safety Bug® personal strobe light that provide convenience and safety.

"Panther Vision POWERCAP® lighted hats, LIGHTSPECS® lighted reading glasses and lighted safety glasses, ITZY BITZY lighted wallet readers, and Safety Bug are sold by some of the nation’s leading retailers, including L.L. Bean, Lowes, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, The Home Depot, Sears, and Road Runner Sports. Their standards are high - as are yours."

"Additionally, POWERCAP lighted caps and LIGHTSPECS lighted safety glasses are used by electricians, plumbers, carpenters, police officers, paramedics, and many other professional trades people around the country in the execution of their jobs."

What we thought:  The Panther Vision products we reviewed were awesome!  The are so useful for so many things.  They provide sufficient light when you really need it.  B found the POWERCAP most useful for night fishing.  He said it is perfect for baiting the hook and way easier than trying to hold a flashlight while making rig changes.  He also loves that it is so useful for working on the car at night time.  Panther Vision products are a reliable source of hands-free LED lighting.  ABCD Diaries gives Panther Vision products an A+!

To find out more, check out Panther Vision

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream Blog Spark Prize Pack Giveaway!!

Introducing NEW Hershey´s Cookies `n´ Creme* cereal!
"Now you can enjoy the delicious taste of Hershey´s Cookies `n´ Creme in a breakfast cereal from Big G.
With an irresistible taste the whole family will love from a brand you trust, new Hershey´s Cookies `n´ Creme cereal is made from 100% whole grains with at least 14g of whole grain per serving (at least 48g recommended daily). Best of all, Hershey´s Cookies `n´ Creme cereal has only 9 grams of sugar per serving and is a good source of Calcium, Vitamin D, and 10 other essential vitamins and minerals."

What we thought:  The kiddos really enjoyed this cereal.  They also loved the cereal dispenser.  It makes a mundane task like getting a bowl of cereal a lot more fun:)  Even though this cereal is based on a candy bar, it isn't crazy sweet and contains 14g of whole grain per serving.  Who knew eating a candy bar for breakfast isn't totally bad for you?!   ABCD Diaries gives Hershey's new Cookies 'n' Creme cereal an A+!

Thanks to MyBlogSpark, one lucky winner will receive a gift pack that will contain:
  • Box of Hershey's Cookies `n´ Creme Cereal
  • Cereal dispenser
  • 2 Cereal-To-Go containers
  • Retail Value: $60

Zumba Fitness Wear Review

"ZUMBA® Fitness, the workout that has helped melt the pounds and inches off 12 million fitness enthusiasts, has an exciting new spring/summer collection that transitions easily from sweating it out in the gym to strolling the streets thanks to the vibrant colors and exciting silhouettes that have become a signature of the brand.

Dubbed the “Universe” collection, the pieces combine the vibrancy of the workout which it mirrors with light weight materials and free flowing designs to keep you moving through any warm weather routine.
ZUMBA® Wear’s spring/summer collection features galactic prints, cropped silhouettes and asymmetrical cuts designed using licensed ZUMBA®   instructors as its models to represent the brand’s diverse and expressive community.  Motivated by the energy and passion of these ZUMBA® instructors from more than 185 countries across the globe, the “Universe” collection is an eclectic cultural mix of design inspiration and passion people feel when they experience ZUMBA® Fitness."

The full collection is now available at
What we thought:  The top I reviewed from Zumba was lightweight and loose fitting.  It was super comfy for working out and just wearing around the house.  I also reviewed a pair of cute no-slip socks.  I love the fun, bright colors of the Zumba fitness wear collection.  The variety is awesome and spans sizes XS-XXL.  Zumba is awesome, but no matter what workout you love, the Zumba Fitness Wear line is a great place to find fun, stylish workout clothes.  ABCD Diaries gives Zumba Wear an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dinosaur Train Fun in June!

All Aboard the Dinosaur Train for Tons of Fun in June

"Yes!  Summer break is almost here, and The Jim Henson Company and partners want to help you kick-start your summer fun with some great ideas for the entire family!

Celebrating National Zoo and Aquarium Month in June is a great opportunity to gather the family and take “a trip” to explore your local zoo and aquarium, as well as to visit the websites of America’s great zoos and aquariums. Many of the sites offer excellent educational resources, including photographs, videos, facts, lesson plans and activities.  The Association of Zoos and Aquariums provides a collection of links to their accredited zoos and aquariums.

The Jim Henson Company has also recently created The Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour, which provides some great resources for you that any young DINOSAUR TRAIN fan is going to love! 

What is the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour?  It’s is a mobile website that may be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, or on a smartphone web browser, and relates dinosaur and natural history content from the DINOSAUR TRAIN animated television series (which airs on PBS KIDS), to zoo and aquarium animals.

At aquariums and zoos, The Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour will teach kids fun facts about today’s living creatures, and encourage them to learn more about the relationship between modern day ocean life and animals such as sharks, crabs, turtles, elephants, bats, birds, crocodiles and more, and their prehistoric ancestors.    You can see the site at the following link:

You can access the mobile website either before, during or after visits to zoos and aquariums to enhance your child’s engagement in paleontology, animal science and natural history.  Guides can also be downloaded for families to take with them on their visits too:

Click here to download the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour for the Zoo
Click here to download the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour for the Aquarium
Click here to download the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour for the Natural History Museum

The kids might just find that with the help of the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour, visiting Zoo’s, Aquarium’s and Natural History Museum’s are among their “favorite trips” ever!

Everyone enjoys taking fun trips, including DINOSAUR TRAIN’S Buddy!  Buddy fans everywhere are sure to enjoy the new sticker stories from Penguin Young Readers Group,Buddy’s Favorite Trips.   With over 75 stickers, this sticker stories book takes fans on a ride on the Dinosaur Train and features… that’s right… Buddy's favorite trips! For ages 3-5; SRP $6.99; available wherever books are sold!  To browse all the Dinosaur Train books, go to

And finally, it’s Father’s Day on June 16 and a great time to help the kids create some fun treats for dad decorated with their favorite DINOSAUR TRAIN characters! DecoPak has provided a Dinosaur Train Dinosaur Express Cake Topper and Dinosaur Train Cupcake Rings, featuring Buddy and Tiny.   These products are available at various online stores including (prices vary).  You can also visit to find a bakery in your area that may be able to make these cakes for you!

Dinosaur Train Cake Decorating Decoset

And if you are feeling very adventurous, you can try and create the scene below!  Instructions here!

Dinosaur Train Cupcake Rings

What we thought:  We were lucky enough to get to review the cupcake rings and cake decorations, along with "Buddy's Favorite Trips."  This sticker book was a huge hit and the kiddos had a lot of fun reading and decorating the colorful adventures.  The rings and cake decorations were really cute and the kiddos are excited about using them to liven up our next baked goods:)  ABCD Diaries gives the latest Dino Train goodies an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Brillo Soap Pads and Sponges-A Summer Must-Have!

"Get your grill in prime time shape with our Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads, Brillo Heavy Duty Soap Pads, or the Heavy Duty Scour Pad. Each of these trusty items can help cut through the built up grease and grime and make the job fast and easy so you can get back to grilling faster and perform your grilling duties like a champ in front of all your friends and family!

Leftover food particles on the cooking surface can make food stick and charred remains left over from last season can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Research has shown that cooking food over caked-on residue and gunk has the potential to make those who eat it sick. There is also the potential for dangerous flare ups if build ups of grease are ignored. In addition, cooking on an improperly cleaned grill can also have a negative impact on the flavor of the foods."

Grill Cleaning Tips:
1. Remove cooking grates from grill and scrub with warm water and a Brillo
Steel Wool Soap Pad or Heavy Duty Scour Pad.
2. For cooked-on, hard-to-clean surfaces turn Brillo sideways and scrub across
the grain of the pad
3. If it's a charcoal grill, remove the coal grate and brush out the insides
4. For gas grills remove briquettes, lava rocks or metal flame shield to expose
burner. Clean ash and residue from around burner, be sure burner is in place
when finished cleaning
5. Rinse grates, reassemble grill, and allow to air dry
6. For coated grill exteriors and more delicate surfaces use Brillo Estracell No
Scratch Scrub Sponge with Wedge Edge

What we thought:  We always have Brillo products on hand.  The soap pads are the best for scrubbing pots and pans.  They also make cleaning the grill a lot easier.  Grilling season lasts year round in our neck of the woods so we always make sure to keep a box of Brillo pads at the ready.  The Estracell sponges are great too!  The are gentle enough not to scratch our dishes and don't get yucky as quickly as regular sponges.  Plus, their unique design get into even the toughest corners of every dish.  Brillo products are a definite must have!  ABCD Diaries gives Brillo an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

OFF! Insect Repellent...Summer Must-Have!

"It’s finally time to enjoy the great outdoors – whether it’s in your own backyard, playing at the park or enjoying an outdoor concert, OFF! ® has an array of products to suit your needs, including:

·          OFF!® Clip-On™ mosquito repellent is a sprayless personal mosquito repellent that doesn’t have to be applied directly to skin – a quiet battery-powered fan circulates odorless repellent, providing head-to-toe protection within minutes. OFF!® Clip-On™ is now available in four decorative designs to match your favorite summer moments: new Limited Edition Black, Vintage American Flag, American Flag and Camouflage.

  • OFF!® Citronella Candles offer hours of protection and enhance the ambiance of your outdoor occasion. The new limited edition Large OFF!®Citronella Bucket adds a touch of style to your summer gathering, burning for up to 40 hours.

  • OFF!® Bug Control Backyard Pretreat offers both a spray and a stream option that allows homeowners to quickly and easily spot-treat shrubs, bushes and other areas of the backyard. Before guests arrive, attach OFF!® Bug Control Backyard Pretreat to a garden hose and treat. One application kills insects on treated outdoor surfaces for up to eight weeks on hard, non-porous surfaces.
  • OFF! Deep Woods® Dry offers long-lasting protection without that oily or greasy feel provides great protection for a deep woods experience."
What we thought:  Every summer we stock up on OFF! products, so we were super excited to get to review the latest goodies for the season.  I'm pretty sure we live in the mosquito capital of the US.  The Texas coast gets swarmed every summer and insect repellent products are a MUST-HAVE down here.  OFF! products always work really well for us.  The clip-on is great for fishing and BBQ-ing, the candle is perfect for the picnic table and my personal favorite, the Deep Woods spray, goes on easy and keeps the bugs at bay.  We love OFF! products!  ABCD Diaries gives OFF! an A+!

 Please visit and for more information.

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flying Heroes Review and Giveaway!

"The most iconic superhero characters are taking flight with the new Flying Heroes action figures! With a quick pull from the launcher, kids will be able to unleash their favorite superheroes and watch them FLY like never before. The Fall 2013 collection features three of the most popular superheroes – Superman, Batman and Spider-Man.  For Ages 4+, SRP $16.99"

What we thought:  D, who is 4, loves this toy!  It is fun and colorful and easy to use.  Plus, it is super durable.  D has been "testing" it for several weeks and it still works perfectly!  We love toys that keep their value for as long as possible:)  This would make a great gift for the super hero lover in your life!  ABCD Diaries gives the Flying Heroes toys an A+!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Personalized Father's Day Gifts from Polaroid Fotobar!

"Polaroid Fotobar offers a very easy, simple and cost-effective process to transform your favorite digital photos from your phone, computer or camera into extraordinary, cherished pieces of art to display in your home or office or to give as specials gift to friends and family. It all starts with your treasured photos!
 I am sure you have a favorite photo that you haven’t done anything with.  It’s easy to take your photo and create a masterpiece in minutes.  From framed art to canvas, mounted art to Metal prints, your custom art will be treasured piece for years to come.  Learn more about Polaroid Fotobar"

What we thought:  What a great idea for Father's Day photo gifts!  The ordering process was super easy and the prices were reasonable.  The amount of products offers a lot of variety without being overwhelming.  I think any dad who receives a personalized photo gift for Father's Day is sure to be one happy camper:)
ABCD Diaries gives Polaroid Fotobar an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given a sample for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.