Friday, December 28, 2012

Master Lock SafeSpace Computer Lock Review...

"An average of 34% of Americans spend 1-3 nights away from home during the holidays, making safe travel precautions an important item on the holiday check-list to keep homes and families secure during the holiday season’s hustle and bustle.
·         Keep that lived-in look. It is important to make your home appear active while away to discourage potential break-ins by setting a timer for lights inside and out and keeping a radio or TV on to create the illusion someone is home.
·         Toast Don’t Post. Resist updating social network accounts with travel plans to avoid having the news of the unoccupied status of your home fall into the wrong hands. Instead, spend that time in the company of friends and family toasting to health and happiness.
·         Lock it Down & Carry it On. With a reported 200 items stolen each day from airports, keep valuables and property safe by carrying them with you at all times. Secure checked and carry on items with a TSA-accepted lock and be mindful of your appearance to prevent being a target for theft."

About the SafeSpace Computer Lock:

Product Features:

  • Security on the Go™ Ideal for campus, office, travel or home use
  • Secure any laptop, netbook, monitor or projector with a built-in lock slot
  • Durable metal construction for security
  • Strong ultra portable self coiling cable extends from 3 inches (76.2mm) to 6 feet (1.83m)
  • Ergonomic dial spacing with trusted locking mechanism allows for quick, easy dial movement and easy to use configuration
  • High contrast numbers are easy to read with red viewing window for easy viewing & resetting
  • Easy to Use Set Your Own Combination - 10,000 combination possibilities for ultimate personalization
  • Click here for a list of store locations

Best Used For:

  • Laptop Computers
  • Monitor
  • Projector
  • Peripherals

What we thought:  This is a nifty little lock that really comes in handy and keeps your computer safe while travelling or hosting large gatherings.  If you are unsure of the safety of your laptop, this lock will give you peace of mind.  It is simple to set up and is very affordable for the job it does:)  If you are travelling to ring in the New Year or hosting the shindig at your place and you want to keep your computer safe, the Mater Lock SafeSpace Computer Lock is the way to go.  ABCD Diaries gives this lock an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given a sample for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea: Zim's Crack Creme!

"Winter can be a real pain – including breaking the skin open on your feet and hands. Zim’s Crack Creme® has a name that will make a teenage boy giggle, but it also works wonders to tame old-man winter.  It’s a favorite of many people who face harsh weather elements, have hard on skin jobs such as construction workers and nurses, and just those who suffer from dry, cracked skin.

We reviewed:
  • Zim’s Crack Creme® Original Formula was founded over 60 years ago to help cement workers treat dry, cracked hands and feet. It is an herbal formula used to soften and moisturize dry, cracked skin on hands, feet, elbows, and cuticles using naturally based ingredients of arnica and aloe vera.
  • Zim’s Crack Creme® Creamy Daytime is an herbal formula used to soften and moisturize dry, cracked skin on hands, feet, elbows, and cuticles using naturally based ingredients of arnica and aloe vera. Recommended for daytime use, complimenting nighttime use of the Zim’s Crack Creme Original Liquid Formula.
Zim's Crack Creme can be purchased nationally at K-Mart stores and at a number of health and food stores. 

For more information about the products, feel free to check out Zim's website or Facebook"

What we thought:  These products were awesome!  I think they would make great stocking stuffers this holiday season. These creams really softened my skin without leaving a super greasy feeling behind.  The original formula was fantastic for my winter chapped hands.  I love that these products use natural ingredients to soothe dry, cracked skin.  ABCD Diaries gives Zim's products an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cra-Z-Art Charity Auction for Children...


One-of-a-Kind Guitar Made From Lite Brix and Signed by Musicians Including Ne-Yo, Jordin Sparks, Vintage Trouble, Owl City and More to be Auctioned
on eBay to Benefit Children’s Charities Nationwide

jordan sparks.jpgNEYO.JPG
"Tens of thousands of children will have a brighter holiday season with the toys donated by Cra-Z-Art, the company known for many creative arts and crafts toys including one of the hottest toys this holiday season—the LITE BRIX™ Super Light Building System!  
Cra-Z-Art created a one-of- a-kind full size Lite Brix Galveston guitar and case signed by some of today’s hottest celebrities and musicians that will be auctioned on eBay with  proceeds benefitting The Today Show Charitable Foundation, a 501C3 nonprofit organization that has distributed more than $285 million in toys, books and clothing since it was created.  Celebrities at the annual star-studded “Jingle Ball” concert hosted by Ryan Seacrest, signed the guitar, including musicians like Ne-Yo, Jordin Sparks, Vintage Trouble, Owl City, Sammy Adams  and more.  The auction will take place on eBay from Dec. 14th-Dec. 21st. For more information, please visit

Like many others, New Jersey based Cra-Z-Art was affected by Hurricane Sandy and wanted to help children hit especially hard this holiday with toy donations to help spread joy to New York and New Jersey.In addition to the guitar, Cra-Z-Art is supporting multiple charities this year aimed at helping kids, especially those affected by Hurricane Sandy.   The Randolph, New Jersey based company saw firsthand how Sandy destroyed homes and disrupted the lives of so many people, both financially and emotionally. Cra-Z-Art will donate toys and art supplies to charities including The Today Show Toy Drive, the Toy Industry Foundation and Firemen’s Benevolent Association of New Jersey, all of which work with charities aimed at helping hurricane victims and other needy children nationwide. 

“We are excited to light up the lives of so many children this holiday season,” said Cra-Z-Art Chairman Lawrence Rosen.   “Cra-Z-Art as a company is all about inspiring one’s creativity, and for children to feel inspired to create.  By providing children with activities that use their creativity and imaginations, we are also giving them an important tool to deal with life down the road. We are honored to be involved in so many charitable contributions that specifically help children in need around the U.S”.  

“The Today Show Charitable Foundation sincerely appreciates the generosity of Cra-Z –Art in helping us put smiles on the faces of so many families in need this holiday season,” said Antoinette Machiaverna, TODAY producer of the Toy Drive.  “This auction will help us provide gifts to millions of impoverished children all over the United States.  We thank Cra-Z-Art for supporting our 19th Annual Holiday Toy Drive in this unique way.”

The auction will take place on eBay from Dec. 14-Dec. 21st.   For more information, please visit

Holiday Gift Guide: Mike & Ike Merry Mix!

Merry Mix From MIKE AND IKE®
New Flavors For The Holidays

Perfect for Holiday Parties And As
Stocking Stuffers!

"Just in time for your holiday parties and stocking stuffers is MIKE AND IKE® Merry Mix, and MIKE AND IKE® Original Fruits Theater Box Stocking Stuffer.  Even though the news about the  Mike and Ike split up since May 2012 has run rampant, the creative duo have decided to leave the names on the packaging,  untouched in honor of the holidays.
MIKE AND IKE® Merry Mix comes in a 14 oz bag, perfect for all your home and office holiday parties.  This holiday favorite includes Original flavors such as Lime and Cherry, plus new “Holiday Punch.”  The red, green, and blue colors of the Merry Mix, add even more festiveness to the season.  The Original Fruits Theater Box Stocking Stuffer comes in a 5 oz box with images of snowmen making it an ideal stocking stuffer for all candy lovers on your holiday shopping list. 

In spirit of the holidays, many are wondering what is happening with Mike and Ike.   The world will have to wait and see what happens between the once dynamic duo in the New Year."

To keep up to date on the split, and all other things pertaining to MIKE AND IKE® please visit them at:

What we thought: These festive candies make great stocking stuffers.  The Merry Mix would also look pretty in a serving dish at holiday functions or on your desk at the office.  ABCD Diaries gives Mike & Ike's Merry Mix an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Disney Epic Mickey 2 Video Game + Giveaway!

"Disney’s hottest new video game Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is now available!
·         Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two immerses players in Wasteland, a world filled with 80 years of Disney’s forgotten characters and attractions lovingly crafted by industry luminary Warren Spector.
·         For the first time, Mickey and Oswald join forces as true partners. Players can play solo as Mickey Mouse, using his magical brush to paint in or erase the game world, or with a friend as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, commanding electricity with his powerful remote control.
·         The exciting drop-in, drop-out 2-player co-op mode makes Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two not only a great gift for teens and kids but also a family affair. 
·         The video game is available on all major gaming systems including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS. PC/MAC will be available January 2013.
·         Disney fans, gamers and parents can buy Disney Epic Mickey 2 at $59.99 for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, $49.99  for Wii and PC/MAC and $39.99 for Nintendo 3DS.

 Oswald Fun Facts
·         Oswald’s Starring Role – While the original Disney Epic Mickey re-introduced Oswald The Lucky Rabbit to the world, in Disney Epic Mickey 2, Oswald will take on a more leading role, serving as a playable character in the cooperative 2-player mode.
·         Oswald Gets A Voice For The First Time In History – Up until now, Oswald has been a silent cartoon star, but in Disney Epic Mickey 2, he will speak for the very first time in history, with legendary voice actor Frank Welker (Scooby-Doo, Garfield, Road Runner, Transformers) having been selected as the official voice of Oswald."

What we thought:  This is a really fun game and everyone in our family, young and old, enjoyed playing and watching each other play it!  The graphics are great and the game play is engaging enough to keep everyone entertained...which in my opinion are the marks of a great game that is worth spending money on:)  You can count on this game being family-friendly as well which is a plus for families with kiddos in different age brackets.  ABCD Diaries gives Disney Epic Mickey 2 an A+!

One lucky reader will win a Disney Epic Mickey 2 prize pack including the game in their choice of platform and an Oswald hat!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free Kid's Book Download: "Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree"

Richard Silverton has asked me to post his Christmas free download offer for his children's book Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree (ages 5-8).

If you would like to download his book for free simply click the link to his blog and follow the directions:

Friday, December 14, 2012

"Mary's Son" by Darryl Nyznyk Giveaway!

Mary’s Son: A Tale of Christmas, winner of 3 Mom’s Choice Awards by
Darryl Nyznyk.

We reveiewed this book last Chrstmas and it is a truly beautiful story that we plan to read to the kiddos again this year.  We highly recommend it!

Darryl is offering the
e-book for only $2.99 on Amazon for the month of December!

Here is more info on the book:

"Parents have a lot to compete with when it comes to
teaching their children the true meaning of Christmas. There are
parties, visits with Santa, and, of course, Christmas wish lists
filled with requests for the latest tech gadgets.

Darryl Nyznyk can relate. Like many parents, Nyznyk was concerned
about teaching the reason for the season to his four (now grown)
daughters. Realizing that no modern stories portrayed Christmas like
the classics of yesterday (think Dickens A Christmas Carol), Nyznyk
set about putting his storytelling prowess to use – holiday use. And
when he recited a short story for his then eight-year old daughter at
her birthday party as a way of imparting the true message of
Christmas, he never realized that it would one day be an inspirational

Mary’s Son: A Tale of Christmas (Cross Dove Publishing), winner of
three Mom’s Choice Awards, is a modern-day story in which a mysterious
old man named Nicholas shares the true meaning of Christmas with two
young people. Sarah Stone is an 11-year-old rich girl who lives “on
the hill” amid butlers, nannies, housekeepers, and a father who is too
busy for her. Jared Roberts is a 13-year-old tough kid from the “sink”
on the other side of town where he and his gang barely survive broken

Both Jared and Sarah struggle with holes in their family lives:
Jared’s father left his family in poverty, while Sarah lost her mother
as an infant. On the night that Jared plans to burglarize Sarah’s
home, the two are whisked back in time by Nicholas, to witness a
Christmas from long ago where they learn the meaning of life in a way
they never imagined. Together, their personal anger and hurt
dissolves, inspiring them to convey the true Christmas message to a
cynical world.

    Mary’s Son is a story of youthful fears, passion, and tears that
gives readers of all ages hope for a better world. Like the iconic
Christmas image of Santa Claus kneeling before the manger, the story
moves readers of multiple generations, as it allows parents to
demonstrate the true meaning of Christmas, while still allowing young
people to identify with the more secularized traditions of the season.

“In a time of social divisiveness in our country, this story brings to
the forefront the unifying values of honor, integrity and love on
which America was built,” says Nyznyk. “This story will resonate with
all who are tired of ‘political correctness’ and long for the unifying
joy of the real Christmas."

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Sister Accord: 51 Ways to Love Your Sister...

"During the holidays it's hard to find gifts that will be remembered, cherished and have a long-lasting effect on those we care about. This year's holiday season, in particular, presents an opportunity to come together and spread love both in our country and around the globe. The Sister Accord:  51 Ways To LOVE Your Sister book is the solution to giving a perfect gift of love this holiday season. 
The “Sister Accord: 51 Ways To LOVE Your Sister” is an ideal holiday book written and created by Sonia Jackson Myles to help people, women - come together to create a movement of showing love, togetherness and strength among women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. 51 Ways To LOVE Your Sister is a gift that will keep on giving long after it’s given to those we love, including family members and girlfriends. It's a gift that promotes the continued idea that love and appreciation for our sisters will create harmony and a universal movement that is desperately needed in America - and all over the world. The “Sister Accord:  51 Ways To LOVE Your Sister is the beginning of what Sonia has coined “The Revolution of LOVE.”
The global response to The Sister Accord movement has been overwhelmingly positive.  In addition to her many speaking engagements, book signings and media interviews discussing The Sister Accord, Sonia has appeared on The Today Show promoting this global movement. This holiday gift is a perfect way to spread love andencourage positive relationships amongst our sisters via an emotional and powerful message."
The Sister Accord can be purchased at:

Holiday Gift Guide: Mystixx Dolls!

"Toymaker Playhut® is proud to announce Mystixx®  Vampires Dolls, four stunning transformational fashion dolls that are popular girls at school by day and powerful vampires at night.   Mystixx® Vampires are beautiful 11" fashion doll divas named Talin™, Siva™, Azra™ and Kalani™ that literally "turn" their personalities to fit their moods with a simple twist of their heads. 

“What makes Mystixx dolls so unique is they are more than just one doll,” explained Jeff Cepielik, senior vice president, Playhut. “You can turn their heads for two gorgeous faces, mix and match their hair with two colorful and stylish wigs, swap between the two outfits, shoes and accessories that all come in the box for endless looks and creative ways to play.  Like high school girls sometimes are, these "two faced" dolls go from innocent schoolgirl to fierce vampire with a quick, radical turn of the head."

All four Mystixx® Vampire dolls have different ‘personalities’ that focus on characteristics like confidence, compassion, competiveness and intelligence.  These four girls come from different backgrounds and just recently started at a new school together.  The rich back stories provide a perfect backdrop for girls' creative play."
What we thought:  I don't really know what the craze is with vampires these days, but 6 year old A has been asking for a doll like this for a while.  All the ones I've found have been strictly vampire, which to me is a little creepy, but anyway...  I was really excited to find out about Mystixx Dolls because of their "two-faced" ability to switch from vampire girl back to normal girl with just a turn of the head.  I also love that they come with extra accessories like hair and clothes so I don't have to buy a bunch of extra stuff.  With Mystixx Dolls you really get your money's worth!  Of course A is in love with her Mystixx Doll and there may be another under the tree, but shhh, don't tell her:)  She will be so excited!  ABCD Diaries gives Mystixx Dolls an A+!

Disclosure:  We were given a sample to facilitate this review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone.

Holiday Gift Idea: Bazooka Candy Stocking Stuffers! + Giveaway

"Bring the holiday sweetness to your taste buds with Bazooka Candy Brands. This year, Bazooka has dazzled its candies with Christmas themed packaging and colors. A perfect addition to this magical season, Santa loves to use the sweet treats as stocking stuffers and enjoys hanging the adorable Push Pop toppers on the Christmas tree.
The Baby Bottle Pop is holiday striped with a special message from Santa and the Push Pop includes a topper character which can be used as an ornament."
We love Bazooka candies and you will definitely find them in our stockings this year:)  Bazooka offers a great variety at a great price which gets a thumbs up in our book!

Holiday Gift Idea: Snapper Rock UV50+ Children's Wear!

 "Snapper Rock ( is the UV50+ children’s clothing and accessory brand that offer leading UV protection and blocks 98% of all harmful rays in its line. With its patented fabric technology, Snapper Rock’d newest collection features an aftersun collection with fashionable long sleeve rash tops, flap hats to protect your little one’s ears and baby toweling onesies that are sure to keep your child looking great and carefree while being protected from the harmful sun rays.  


What we thought:  Snapper Rock has a large variety of really cute UV50+ children's clothing that would be perfect for gifting this holiday season!  We live on the TX coast so we are year-round beachgoers.  UV50+ clothing is a must-have to keep our kiddos protected from the sun.  Snapper Rock offers some of the cutest   children's beachwear I've seen!  They have 2 pc outfits that you can mix and match, one piece outfits, aftersun wear and lots of accessories. Keep your kiddos protected and cute with Snapper Rock! ABCD Diaries gives Snapper Rock an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Holiday Gift Idea: Wits & Wagers PARTY Game + Giveaway!

"Wits & Wagers Party is the latest version of the most award-winning party game in history. You don’t need to know the answers to love this party game! Do you know what percent of bank robberies are committed by women? Of course not - and you don’t need to! That’s the fun. Everyone can take a guess and bet on the answer they think is closest. Feeling confident? Bet near your guess. Think a friend knows better? Bet near her guess. Have no idea? Bet near ANY guess and hope to get lucky. With simple rules and fast game play, Wits & Wagers Party will instantly get large groups of people cheering and laughing together!"

What we thought:  What a fun game to have on hand for those holiday get togethers!  Wits & Wagers Party Edition would make a great gift for game lovers as well.  It is fun and fast-paced and perfect for ages 8 and up.  This game will really liven up your party:)  ABCD Diaries gives Wits & Wagers Party an A+!

Wits & Wagers Party is sold at the Walmart stores (not online).  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea: MailPix + Giveaway!

MailPix is a great new photo site for turning images into memories.  They offer fantastic deals on prints, canvases, photo books and some really fun photo gifts.  The quality of the items we reviewed from MailPix was great and their shipping turnaround time was impressive.  If you need some last-minute gifts for those on your list, you know a photo gift is sure to bring a smile to their faces:)  Check out the fantastic deals page and order today!

Holiday Gift Idea: Dickies Clothing!

"Complete holiday shopping with ease with key pieces from the Dickies Fall/Winter 2012 line, available at

The following Dickies items are casual pieces that can be incorporated into any women’s wardrobe:
The following Dickies items will add comfort and style to the wardrobes of the men on your list without breaking the bank:

What we thought:  We reviewed the Sanded Duck Jacket and it was great!  It was really well-made and fit just right.  This jacket is a great option for a work coat.  It is heavy duty and warm without being encumbering.  Dickies has a great selection of outerwear and other functional clothing items which would make great gifts.  ABCD Diaries gives Dickies an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Idea that Gives Back: Headbands of Hope!

"Entrepreneur, fashion designer, philanthropist and college senior Jessica Ekstrom, 21, has created a line of vibrantly colored headbands to help young girls with cancer. After an inspirational internship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and meeting several young girls with cancer, Jessica saw firsthand how much losing their hair during chemotherapy treatments affected the girls’ self-esteem and confidence. She wanted to give them something to boost their spirits and make them smile when they looked in the mirror. That inspiration led to the creation of Headbands of Hope, an organization with a mission to fund research for childhood cancer and spread hope in all girls, one headband at a time.

Each time a headband is purchased, Headbands of Hope sends a headband to a girl with cancer, and for the sale of each headband $1 is donated to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fund life-saving childhood cancer research. See all of the fun styles of headbands available at For more information about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, visit"

What we thought:  The headband we received was so cute and really well-made!  This is a great organization that is dedicated to raising money for a great cause.  We love giving gifts that give back and Headbands of Hope is a wonderful organization to support this holiday season while spreading cheer with some really cute hair accessories!  They make great stocking stuffers:)  ABCD Diaries gives Headbands of Hope an A+! 

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

Holiday Gift Idea: Glee Gum Candy Making Kits! + Giveaway

"In search of great gift ideas? Look no further than the Make Your Own Candy Kits-- fun activity kits that include everything you need to make natural chewing gum, gummies, and chocolate, from scratch. 

Make Your Own Candy Kits

Want to make your own candy from scratch, right at home?

It’s easy with 3 fun activity kits!

·        Make Your Own Chocolate
·        Make Your Own Chewing Gum
·        Make Your Own Gummies

Each kit includes natural ingredients, simple instructions, and info about the history and origins of familiar treats. Everyoneaged 8 and up gets a real kick out of the process. (Youngerchildren enjoy it too, with parental supervision.)Educational and eco-friendly, the kits are designed to captivate your interest,connect you to the global community, and create something yummy for you to eat!

Sold at gift stores nationwide and online at

This year, we're also offering a 30% off sale on a package deal of 3 Make Your Own Candy Kits (1 of each kind) at Visit the Candy Kit Combo page for more info (this specialty item also appears if you scroll to the bottom of Order Now page)"

What we thought:  We reviewed the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit and it was so much fun!  Very educational too:)  The pack includes everything you need to make your chocolate and some interesting background info on where most chocolate comes from and how it's made.  The kids had a lot of fun experimenting with different add-ins.  By the time we were through we had chocolates with marshmallows, almons, M & Ms, Whoppers and caramels.  We really did have a lot of fun with this kit and our creations were very tasty.  These kits would make great gifts this holiday season!  ABCD Diaries gives Glee Kits an A+!

Use the store locator to find kits, though ordering online may be easiest:)
Here's a link to the latest newsletter, which includes a Glee Gum coupon: