Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trudeau Kitchen Products Review

ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone

As a lover of kitchen gadgets, I was super excited to get to try out several items from Trudeau!

Perfect Mix 2 N'1 Oil and Vinegar Bottle
Trudeau's new Perfect Mix 2 N'1 Oil and Vinegar Bottle automatically pours six portions of oil to one portion of vinegar, mixing the perfect blend every time. The unique three-in-one design features a separate "O" button for pouring only oil while the "V" button pours vinegar only. Simply tipping the bottle with no button push allows for the automatic perfect mix of both! The 2 N'1 Oil and Vinegar Bottle is perfect for vinaigrettes, dipping and any number of imaginable edibles. Users can kiss those messes goodbye with Trudeau's ingenious dripless design. The glass bottle with stainless steel top is easy to wash and fill. SRP: $39.99

Tea Maker

Say goodbye to tea bags and enjoy a perfect cup of tea in style with Trudeau’s Tea Maker. Featuring a heat-resistant borosilicate glass inside and out, this 20oz maker allows tea lovers to visually enjoy the rich colors of their favorite teas. The ergonomically designed handle, complete with a heat guard, will protect your fingers while adding a colorful flair to your daily dose of tea. The sturdy black base protects your table from heat and scratches while also acting as insulation. Complete with a rust-free stainless steel infuser basket and saucer, Trudeau’s Tea Maker will catch drips and hold your tea basket while you enjoy your steaming cup. Currently available in green. SRP: $34.99

Manual Kitchen Timer

Much of the art of baking is in the timing; bake a cake for too long and it'll be too dry, bake it for too short and it'll be an oozing mess. In comes Trudeau's manual kitchen timer, with a top and side visual display. This timer can be set for up to 60 minutes and has a loud and long ring. A side color band on the timer physically retracts as the time ticks down, allowing for an at a glance idea of how much more time is left. The timer is easily activated with one hand and is available in a three color assortment. SRP: $19.99

We reviewed each of the above items thoroughly and I must say, they are my new best friends in the kitchen!  I am especially in love with the Perfect Mix 2 in 1 oil and vinegar bottle.  It is by far the easiest way to use olive oil and vinegar I have ever found.  I use it on a daily basis.  It is so simple and allows you to drizzle just oil or just vinegar or oil and vinegar at the same time!  I use it for everything that needs olive oil these days.  It's easy to fill, easy to clean and easy to use...even the kiddos have mastered it:)  We put the timer to use in so many ways.  Not only is it great in the kitchen, but for schoolwork, chores and so much more.  The cool thing about this timer is the colored band that ticks down as well as the numbers on top that makes it easy to see how much time  you have left from across the room.  And it's super cute:)  I start every morning with a cup of tea and the Tea Maker from Trudeau is an easy way to make the perfect cup or two of tea with loose leaves.  It is simple to use and easy to clean.  I absolutely love it!  I actually absolutely LOVE all my Trudeau products and I now have a new go-to website for everything kitchen!  Needless to say, ABCD Diaries gives Trudeau an A+! 

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