Friday, October 18, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Vitamints Make a Great Stocking Stuffer!

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It's that time of year again!  Time to start making those holiday gift lists.  Here at ABCD Diaries we'd like to make that process a little less painful:)  We will bringing you our annual Holiday Gift Guide in which we hand pick the coolest gifts for the whole family and everyone else on that gift list this year.  From now until mid-December we will be highlighting these wonderful gifts.

To kick off our Holiday Gift Guide this year, we would like to introduce you to Vitamints, a fantastic and inexpensive stocking stuffer everyone can enjoy!

"Goodbye horse pill, hello minty fresh breath. New, first-of-their-kind Vitamints do the duty of your morning vitamin but look and taste like a mint. The new line features five different Vitamints ranging from a multivitamin for women to vitamins that address specific needs such as increased energy or enhanced focus. Vitamints come in portable, easy-to-carry 60-count tins so they can be taken anytime, anywhere."

Benefits & Uses
Active Ingredients
Defense against colds*

Vitamints Immune may help serve as a defense against colds by:
·         Maintaining a healthy immune system
·         Tackling cold symptoms

Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         Vitamin C: maintaining a healthy immune system, acting as an antioxidant and assisting in wound healing
·         Zinc: shortening colds and supporting a healthy immune system helps
Sustain your Get up and Go*

Vitamints Energy may help:
·         Aid energy production
·         Speed post-exercise recovery

Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         Co-Enzyme Q10: assisting the body’s energy production mechanisms
·         B Vitamins: stimulating energy production and assisting proper metabolism
·         Vitamin C: providing antioxidants to help hasten recovery after exercise
For concentration & memory*

Vitamints Focus may help:
·         Maintain normal mental function when fatigued or low in energy
·         Support cognitive functions, such as memory and concentration
Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         Siberian Ginseng: supporting cognitive functions and maintaining normal mental performance**
·         B Vitamins: regulating mental processes
·         Vitamin C: maintaining mental health
·         Folic Acid: protecting against depressed mood
De-stress your day*

Vitamints Calm may help:
·         Improve mood
·         Support the body’s stress-coping mechanisms
Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         Siberian Ginseng: helping the body adapt to challenges, support cognitive functions and maintain normal mental processes
·         B Vitamins: regulating mental processes and, possibly, mood
Multi for Women:
Feel bettereveryday*

Vitamints Multi for Womenmay help:
  • Relieve symptoms of tiredness and stress
  • Enhance vitality and wellbeing
  • Support cardiovascular health
·         Maintain a healthy immune system
Active ingredients may play a role in*:
·         B Vitamins: stimulating energy production, assisting proper metabolism, and supporting the immune system
·         Vitamin C: acting as an antioxidant and helping maintain a healthy immune system
·         Vitamin D3: assisting normal calcium absorption to improve bone strength
·         Vitamin K1: improving bone strength
·         Chromium: helping the body maintain normal blood sugar levels and break down protein and fat
·         Folic Acid: helping protect against heart disease
·         Selenium: providing antioxidants to help protect against diseases

Where to Buy: Walgreens nationwide, as of spring 2013
SRP: $4.99 for a pack of 60 Vitamints

What we thought:  These would make a great stocking stuffer for several reasons.  They are inexpensive, there is a mint for everyone on your list and they are a great way to help keep those in your life healthy!  The cute little containers are portable and convenient and each mint delivers not only fresh breath, but vitamins and minerals necessary for building a healthy you!  ABCD Diaries gives Vitamints an A+!

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