Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Synvisc One, a great way to eliminate knee pain

***This is a sponsored guest post from Synvisc.  Always talk to your doctor about the best options for you regarding any type of pain.***

There are various diseases that can affect our knees and joints surrounding them. However, one of the worst conditions elderly people face is osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative, chronic disease that follows us the rest of our life. It causes extreme amount of pain but it also interferes with our cellular structure severely affecting our ability to move.
                Osteoarthritis is one of a hundred different forms of arthritis. It can basically affect any joint in the body, but the Doctor Medica team believes that the one attacking knees can be regarded as the most severe manifestation of the problem.
                Illness starts affecting our joints during movement. In a normal situation, cartilage cells within our joints are constantly being depleted. Through process of mitosis, cells split and compensate for the lost tissue. This happens for a long time. Osteoarthritis causes increased depletion of cells. At one point, cells are no longer able to create new tissue. This leaves bones unprotected. Without cartilage, they will start hitting each other after each movement depleting bone tissue in the process. As a result, inflammation will appear warning us that there is something wrong with the body. Pain always accompanies the problem. It is caused by friction between the bones. As the time goes by, bones will start losing their structure which will result in fractures. Ultimately, person will start losing his ability to move.
                Doctors are still not sure what leads to this disease. Even though we have different treatments for the issue, such as Synvisc One, there is very little we can do to fully protect ourselves from this issue.  It doesn’t help that the disease is chronic. Best way to treat the illness is to perform physical therapy that will strengthen surrounding muscles. By doing this, patient can reduce pressure on joints. Diet and proper weight play important role as well. Patients shouldn’t exert more pressure on the knees than needed. By using vitamins and calcium, bones are strengthened and prepared for future use.
                This disease is particularly common for elderly people. Women are the riskier group. Most medical experts believe that osteoarthritis is caused by modern way of living. Obesity, not enough movement as well as bad diet, can all lead to development of the illness. People who are doing repetitive physical chores risk exposing their joints to increased depletion. Sometimes, young people may suffer from this problem. This can happened due to severe physical trauma that can prevent the body from recreating new cells.

                As previously mentioned, it is recommended for patients to use medicines such Synvisc One. This drug is similar to tissue that is already present within the joints. When a doctor injects this medicine into your knee, you are able to relieve pressure and with it, reduce the accompanying pain. The drug is administered once a week, for three weeks. It shouldn’t be administered in the area with infections or open wound. People who are allergic to bird products and those who have circulatory problems, need to consult a doctor before using Synvisc One.

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