Thursday, October 12, 2017

We're Back! Kinda....

As many of you know, we live in a lovely small town on the Texas coast.  Our town was in the direct path of Hurricane Harvey at the end of August.  Like many of our neighboring towns up the coast, 90-100% of all of the buildings, homes and businesses in our town were damaged by wind and water.  The devastation is heartbreaking and overwhelming at times, but it has been amazing to watch our community rally...neighbor helping neighbor.  For most of those effected by this storm, this journey is far from over.  So much of our population is still displaced, some even living in tent cities, and will be for months.   Needless to say, blogging has taken a back seat as we have bounced around to 6 different places in the last 6 weeks, waiting to hear back from the insurance company.  Luckily, we will be moving to a more permanent rental in November where we will stay until our home is rebuilt.  That means a more stable schedule and hopefully time for blogging:)  Thanks so much for those readers who have stuck it out and continue to follow our blog.  We are looking forward to sharing some really great products with you soon!  

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