Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crafting Joy Handmade Animal Giveaway...

Want a chance to win one of these adorable handmade animals from the super talented Janie Richards, creator of Crafting Joy?
All you have to do is check out her Facebook page and enter her giveaway!
Voting for her sister(Trudy Richards) to win Furniture Market's Ugly Couch Giveaway gets you an entry to her giveaway for a surprise animal!  Below are some of my personal favorites from her collection:

Janie's creations are pretty amazing and my kiddos and myself are happy owners to more of her designs than I can even count.  Good Luck!
Sign up for her giveaway today(the contest runs through the end of May)!!

Disclaimer: ABCD Diaries was in no way compensated for this review, though both Janie and Trudy(the Ugly Couch entrant) are a couple of my favorite people(oh, and my sisters:) I have been told that if Trudy wins, I might get to sit on the new couch...YIPPEE!! :)

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  1. Too Funny! Well I am a follower of crafting joy and love all her pieces. I also have given my vote to Trudy for the Ugly Counch giveaway! Wishing her lots of luck on winning that new couch.


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