Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tree Top Treats for Back to School Review...

"Tree Top brand’s juice boxes, apple sauce cups and fruit snacks are all made with 100 percent USA-grown apples, and these individually packaged items are a great on-the-go snack option and perfect to throw into a lunchbox for school. Additionally, they are shelf-stable enough that moms need only stock up at the beginning of the school year and they’ll last in the cupboard for months – saving constant trips to the grocery store!

Tree Top All Natural Fruit Snacks
·        Made with all natural ingredients
·        Include real fruit juice
·        Enriched with vitamin C

Tree Top Natural or Organic Apple Sauce
·        Gluten free
·        Contains no high fructose corn syrup or added sugar
·        Made with 100 percent USA-grown apples
·        Only 50 calories
·        Provides 100 percent of the recommended daily value for vitamin C

Tree Top 100% Apple Juice
·        Conveniently packaged in single-serving juice boxes
·        Made with 100 percent USA-grown apples
·        Satisfies half a cup of the daily recommended fruit servings (2 cups)
·        Provides 100 percent of the recommended daily value for vitamin C
·        100 percent juice in a variety of flavors"

What we thought:  The Tree Top products we reviewed have become staples in our pantry:)  The kiddos enjoyed the applesauce, fruit snacks and juice boxes so much we decided to stock up.  With the affordable prices of these products, that was easy to do!  The fruit snacks come in an 80 count package too, which lasts us quite a while.  I love the convenience of only needing to by them every so often to restock since they have become such a favorite snack around here:)  I also love knowing I am offering my family 100% real apples and other natural fruits and juices that are made right here in the USA.  These are definitely snacks I can happily buy for my kiddos:)  ABCD Diaries gives Tree Top products an A+!

Disclosure:  ABCD Diaries was given samples  for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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