Monday, September 8, 2014

"How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson" on PBS this Fall! #Spon

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We recently had the chance to review a screener of the upcoming PBS series, "How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson" 

“How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson” is a six- part series that looks at the incredible unheard-of stories behind major ideas that have made our modern world possible. Through the use of various animations in each episode, kids will be instantly attracted to the show while simultaneously learning and discovering new things in each episode. Kids will leave their television sets with a new found understanding of how ideas came to be!

Steven Johnson, a knowledgeable best-selling science writer and author,  focuses on a particular theme in each episode—clean, cold, sound, glass, light and time—and tells the stories of the unknown heroes who came up with  the ideas that have helped to develop the world as we know it today. The stories themselves are truly remarkable and engaging as the ideas presented affect every aspect of our daily lives. Kids will be drawn to the series because of Steven Johnson’s ability to grab his viewers’ attention through his inviting and down-to-earth personality. His friendly and humorous presence on the show allows kids to better understand him in a simpler way while also encouraging their imagination and curiosity.

Children love discovering new things and “How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson” is the perfect series for kids who love discovery, adventure, and history. All of the stories that are told in this series involve ordinary people doing extraordinary things and as a result it is an inspiring and powerful series that truly stimulates the brain.

Following are descriptions of the six episodes featured in HOW WE GOT TO NOW:
  • REFRIGERATION – How our mastery of “cold on demand” helped give birth to at least four million babies, created the golden age of Hollywood and unlocked the secrets of the universe.
  • CLEAN – How our battle against dirt created the sidewalk, the swimming pool, the flat screen and the iPhone.
  • LIGHT – How our quest to harness light changed our genetic make-up, gave birth to Times Square, Las Vegas, video downloads and an artificial sun.
  • SOUND – How the journey to harness sound created the modern world of instant communication, but also helped put thousands of planes in the sky, changed the face of warfare and created a new way for teenagers to rebel.
  • TIME – How our journey to calculate time helped create international trade and travel, victory for the North in the Civil War, GPS and understanding of the origins of human life.
  • SIGHT – How our quest to see better helped us see the world differently, whether right in front of our noses with the birth of eyeglasses or far beyond our visible universe with the creation of the telescope.

What we thought:
We really enjoyed watching this series!  We could even count them as "school work" because they are educational and informative.  Even still, they are so fun to watch!  Even adults will be enthralled with the amazing information this series brings to light.  Definitely a fun watch for the whole family!

ABCD Diaries gives "How We Got to Now with Steve Johnson" an A+!

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