Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Native Box: Australian Natural Products Subscription Box Service! #Spon

**Complimentary products received in exchange for out honest review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone**

We recently had the chance to review a subscription service called Native Box:

Native Box is Australia's #1 eco-friendly monthly subscription box.  Each month they ship out a box full of sample products from their carefully curated collection of products.  These products come from Australian companies that strive to produce healthier and safer alternatives to conventional products.

Native Box has several box options including:  Classic, SuperSize, Mum & Bub, Vegan, Snack Box and Men’s. Boxes start from $21.60p/m including shipping (in Austraila).

Let's take a look at all of the goodies packed into our Classic box!

First up, a snack sized bag of Koala Popcorn!  This popcorn is gluten-free, air-popped, nut-free and delicious!  The kiddos especially enjoyed this fun treat:)

Another treat in our Native Box were these yummy dried figs.  These are naturally sweet and full of fiber and other goodness like calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and more!  These were tasty little treats:)

We also found a small bottle of Coconut Oil. We are HUGE fans of coconut oil!  There are so many uses for this versatile oil and this sample was deliciously high quality.  From use in cooking to beauty, coconut oil is a staple in our household!

There were several beauty samples including a mineral mask, a hydrator and a lip ointment.

The Anerah Skincare Rejuvenating Mineral Mask is a blend of carefully chosen ingredients that help to clean, moisturize and detoxify the skin.  The sample amount was perfect for a one-time use and I loved this product!

The Meditree Tea Tree Hydrator with willow bark is made to rejuvenate and hydrate without increasing oiliness.  It contains calming tea tree oil which has amazing antibacterial properties, willow bark extract for deep cleaning, and aloe vera and chamomile to calm and soothe the skin.  Another really great product...I love tea tree oil so this was a sure hit!

Also included was a full-size tube of Pure Papaya Ointment from Phytocare.  I had never tried papaya ointment before, but I am in love!  This product keeps my lips smooth and soft and will be a must-have come the drier months of winter!  Phytocare uses no petrochemcials, preservatives, lanolin or hydrogenated casor oil in it's products.  This ointment uses shea butter, calendula and the amazing papaya to moisturize and protect this delicate skin.  My favorite product in the box!

The next product was a nice sized bottle of Olive Leaf Extract from Vabori.  Another product I've never heard of, but is said to be a powerful defender against sickness. The reported benefits of olive leaf extract range from promoting increased energy and healthy blood pressure, to supporting the cardiovascular system and the immune system.  This will be great when cold and flu season rolls around!  

Our final item was a pretty little package with a single place setting. This included a palm leaf plate, wooden fork and knife and a sugarcane and bamboo napkin.  These products are earth friendly, sustainable and compostable!  Great for eco-friendly entertaining year round!

Native Box also has an online store where you can shop for full-size products that are in the subscription boxes which is great if you find something you love..and my guess is you will:)

ABCD Diaries gives Native Box an A+!

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