Thursday, October 9, 2014

Quick, Healthy Dinner Idea: Lilly's Hummus! #Spon #Giveaway

**Complimentary products received in exchange for out honest review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone**

We recently had the chance to review Lilly's Hummus:

Lilly's Hummus is made with certified organic garbanzo beans, locally sourced produce, and is free of  gluten,  fillers and  preservatives. Lilly's only uses 100% pure olive oil, and all of their fresh veggie add-ins are hand-roasted over specially-made hazelnut shell briquets.  You won't find artificial ingredients and preservatives in Lilly's Hummus. 

That is some serious dedication poured into each container and you can tell by the flavorful taste of each flavor!

Lilly's Hummus comes in 8 varieties:

We happened to receive our shipment of Lilly's Hummus when I didn't have a dinner plan...gasp!  That very rarely happens around here because I'm a bit of a super-planner, but every so often, life happens:)   This was very convenient however, because around here hummus is a perfectly acceptable dinner!  What could be easier than chopping up a bunch of fresh veggies and flat bread, especially if you get the whole family to help?  My kiddos love helping out in the kitchen and they love hummus and veggies, so this was quite an exciting evening:)

After sampling the four tubs of hummus we were sent, here are the final results:

Roasted Garlic-  My personal favorite...I could probably be credited for eating the majority of this one...shhh:)  So creamy and garlicky, great for dipping everything, especially flat bread.

Smoked Tomato and Basil- A's favorite, and a hit with everyone else.  The smoky flavor was so yummy!

Roasted Red Pepper- B's favorite and the kiddos loved it, too.  I have a bit of an aversion to bell peppers, so it wasn't my favorite, but everyone else raved over it:)

Roasted Jalapeno-  D's favorite, my second favorite.  This one wasn't nearly as creamy as the others.  It was kinda dry which made it harder to dip, but had really great flavor!

What a successful on-the-fly dinner!
Everyone walked away happy and full, without feeling overstuffed and weighed food comas here!  And there was plenty left over for snacking for the rest of the week.   Delicious, wholesome REAL food:)
That's why ABCD Diaries gives Lilly's Hummus an A+!

Buy It:
Handmade in Portland, Oregon, Lilly's Hummus is now so popular it can be found in grocery stores nationwide.  Check Lilly's Hummus for a retailer near you!

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One reader will receive a giveaway package worth approx. $40. It will include 3 full size containers of Lilly’s Hummus, fresh off the line, a t-shirt, a tote bag, an apron and assorted ephemera including temp tattoos, recipe cards and magnets.  Enter below:

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  1. This would be great to win, My granddaughter has Celiac Disease and it's hard to find things she can eat when she visits but Hummus is one of her favorites!
    Ann B.

  2. I love to buy my husband hummus to snack on. It's healthier than other dips but he doesn't realize it because it tastes good.


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