Monday, October 13, 2014

"Roaming Reindeer" by Angela Meju! #Spon #HolidayGiftGuide

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We recently had the chance to review Roaming Reindeer:

"For parents who forget to hide their Elf daily or whose children have spotted the Christmas toy in stores to only have the tradition spoiled, there is a fresh and exciting Christmas keepsake making its debut this holiday season.
Angela Meju’s Christmas keepsake and children’s book, Roaming Reindeer™,  is a touching tale celebrating teamwork, good manners and the holiday season, and will serve as a fresh, new Christmas tradition for families and classrooms around the country.

Roaming Reindeer™ is centered on Gus and Sam, two of Santa’s reindeer, who decide to help Santa by visiting little girls and boys to report back on who is naughty and who is nice.
When the pair realize there isn’t enough time to visit all of the children, they call on their friends for help. The reindeers are sent off in pairs of two and are assigned a home to visit. Reindeer 1 is in charge of going back to Santa to report naughty children while Reindeer 2 stays to keep watch.
The book comes in a keepsake box which includes a Reindeer 1 and Reindeer 2. Children and siblings will keep a close eye to make sure their reindeer stay together until Christmas Eve, when they leave to help Santa deliver presents—until returning next year to keep watch!
Author Angela Meju is a nurse who currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two children. She was inspired to write Roaming Reindeer™ to create her own Christmas tradition with her children, whose excitement and anticipation of Santa’s arrival grows every year."

What we thought:
This is such a cute idea!  We never got into the Elf on a Shelf thing, but this is something we can definitely do!  These adorable plush reindeer can sit on our mantle starting December 1st and keep an eye on the behavior of our littles.  D is our uber-practical-almost-six-year-old, so he is a bit skeptical, but more open-minded 8-year-old A is super excited for this adventure.  They both loved the colorfully illustrated book.  I'm not sure how long this will stick around as a tradition in our home since we're starting a little late in the game, but it would be a super fun thing to start with younger kiddos, I'd say ages 4 and up.

Roaming Reindeer would make a great pre-Christmas gift to the children or grandchildren on your list!  

ABCD Diaries gives Roaming Reindeer an A+!

Buy It:
You can get your Roaming Reindeer Kit for $34.95 at 

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  1. this book sound so cute my 4 month old grandson loves to be read to this would be a great addition to my reading collection for him and my youngest son thanks for sharing


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