Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 Etsy Shops Worth Browsing, Week 1...

I love Etsy browsing! If you like amazing handmade creations you should check out this weeks "5 Etsy Shops Worth Browsing!"
CreaShines- Absolutely gorgeous polymer clay jewelry!

Lover Dovers- Lovely retro aprons, retro girls dresses, party dresses and costumes!

Batgirl93- Unique bat-related creations and flour sack hand towels!
Kissadesign- Modern paper Polish porcupine ornaments & more!
Carvel Country Soaps- Natural Bath & Body Goodness! (right now Carvel Country Soaps are offering a 15% discount on regular priced items, shipping excluded, when you mention ABCD Diaries at check out!!!)
Thanks to all of these AMAZING Etsy shops for permission to link to you!

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