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2010 Holiday Gift Guide:
Across the Miles

We recently had the opportunity to review a really neat photo card from
About"Once upon a time there was a kingdom full of websites which could turn digital photos into cute personalized products. But the images were flat and lifeless, and it made the villagers sad. "We need gifts for our beloved!" they cried. "We need a change!"
What is
Snapily is changing the way the world views pictures. From today on, the common villager can order pictures with depth and animation. LIFE IS EXCITING AGAIN.
Snapily printed photos are so unique, filled with motion and emotion, we've given them their own name: LivingPrints.
In a few simple steps anyone can create LivingPrints, which Snapily can turn into greeting cards, scrapbook pages, business cards and personal fun cards, invitations and thank you cards, and notebooks.
Snapily roots began a number of years back with our award-winning technology that we developed for the Graphic Art market. We spent a fair amount of time perfecting our design and print software before we rolled it out to the common villager.
Our software is based on interlacing images so they fit under a substrate called Lenticular. Lenticular is a type of plastic that is produced with many small lenses. These small lenses create the special effects sensation.
Now how does this all relate to YOU? Good question! You see, all this amazing technology is now available to the masses. We have created this amazing web site for YOU.
From now on you too can experience what major companies throughout the world already now, namely how special effects bring good things to life!
We make pictures fun with our cool technology. So tell us what you would like to see and using our magic technology we will try to make it happen.
How is Snapily unique?
A cool new way to affix your pix to customized greeting cards, business cards, notebooks, and more. With a little creative help from you Snapily will turn your 2D pictures into 3D - and then we'll print them, and send them right to your door. We can also take any two pictures and create (and print) a nifty flip between them, so that you can literally blow your honey a kiss from a greeting card. Or: Create and print fun and surprising image morphs by using any two regular digital pix.
Coming soon: Video printing. (You will need to see it to believe it.), which has invented the Print-tainment industry, hopes to bring a new level to the photo merchandising market.
Come and visit us at and start looking at your personal images from new angles and take them on any product you want. "

What we thought: These cards were pretty cool. We took two different pictures of the with smiles and one with silly faces. We downloaded them to, personalized our message and within 2 weeks we received the card in the mail. When you tilt the card the picture changes between the two images, cute then silly. The kiddos thought this was super cool! This is really neat technology and it is awesome they will put the images on so many different types of products. gifts would be great for family and friends that live far away or just like to have pictures of your family. If you are like us, we have several people on our list who just want "pictures of the kids" on our list. would be perfect for those people:) ABCD Diaries gives an A!

Buy It: Find awesome personalized greeting cards, business cards, notebooks, scrapbook pages and more at!!!!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given a greeting card for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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