Monday, August 1, 2011

Lefty's Left Handed Store Review...

About Lefty's:"Lefty's online left hand store has the world's leading and most extensive selection of Left Handed Products designed specifically for left-handers. Since 2009, our left-handed buyers have researched and commissioned custom left-handed merchandise ranging from left-handed scissors, left-handed pens, and left-handed notebooks, to left-handed office and school supplies, left-handed childrens' writing guides and shoe tying instruction cards, to left-handed kitchen tools and equipment. And then there are all the fun left-handed sayings and toys, which we print on T-shirts, left-handed mugs, left-handed portfolios, and lots of other items."

We tried out quite a variety of left-handed school supplies:
"Teach your little lefty to tie their shoes with our shoe tie card. It has instructions on one side and a real shoe lace so your lefty can practice shoe tying as you direct him or her. On the back side are portraits of famous lefties with lists of their achievements."
"Introduce your young lefty to scissors and pencils that are comfortable to hold, and that WORK. A great set for the little lefty just learning to write and use tools. Designed to give young lefties confidence as their fine motor skills develop, and they struggle to adapt to a right handed world.
-True lefty scissors kid' Fiskars are ergonomically designed to be used in the left hand. The Yoropen crayon pencil, an award winning design, is part of our all lefty staff's favorite line - not only does the grip adjust for left handed use, but the unique hooked point allows lefties to see what they are writing.
-Completing the sets are one of our fun jumbo "magic" multicolored pencils, a lefty logo pencil with soft easy to use pencil grip, a left handed pencil sharpener, and a right to left reading colored ruler. Use these tools in our custom Draw and Story pad. Rulers and pencils sharpeners come in a variety of colors. We will pick the color for you."

What we thought:  If you are looking for left-handed school supplies, this is your one-stop shop!  Lefty's has a great variety of everyday products for left-handers of all ages, but the school supplies they offer are awesome!!  D has begun favoring his left hand recently so these items were perfect for him.  He found it much easier to cut with left-handed scissors and the specially designed pencils and sharpener were fantastic!  The crayon pencil was truly unique and one of D's favorite items.  I was most excited about the shoe-tying board...what a great idea!  If you have a left-handed kiddo, check out Lefty's for some really great back-to-school items!  ABCD Diaries gives Lefty's Left Handed Store an A+!
Buy It: You can find a fantastic variety of left-handed products at Lefty's!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given a box of goodies for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone

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