Monday, July 1, 2013

Summertime means Wyler's Light!

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We are trying to drink healthier around our house.  This means drinking more water and less sugary substitutes.  Wyler's Light is a great way to make water more appealing to every member of our family.  We generally love drinking water, especially in summer, but sometimes we all need a little incentive to keep us away from the juices and other sugar-filled beverages.  Wyler's Light comes in a variety of flavors that allows each member of the clan to enjoy their favorite flavors.  These flavors include:

•Pink Lemonade 
•Raspberry Lemonade 
•Strawberry Lemonade 
•Cool Raspberry 
•Cherry Limeade 
•Fruit Punch 
•Kiwi Strawberry 
•Sunsplash Orange 
•Iced Tea with Lemon 
•Iced Tea with Peach 
•Iced Tea with Raspberry 
•Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade 
•New flavor: Cherry Berry!

Wyler's Light allows us to skip the flavorless water and enjoy a low–calorie, sugar–free drink mix that has options to suit everyone's tastes. Wyler's Light also encourages us to drink MORE water each day which is especially great during the hot summer months in south Texas!  Wyler's Light also offers singles-to-go which are great for park days, beach days and summer road trips. Just add a stick to your water bottle and voila!  Water, amplified:)

We like to enjoy the wonderful flavors of Wyler's Light year-round, but one of our favorite summertime treats is Wyler's Light Pops.  Just make a pitcher of your favorite flavor and freeze some in a popsicle mold.  Delicious, kid-friendly, more economical AND healthier than store bought popsicles that are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients!   An ice tray works great to make Wyler's Light ice cubes so your drinks don't get watered down too which makes these beverages great for family barbecues, cookouts, fish fries, or crab boils!  

Check your local grocery store or mass merchandiser for a great taste of summer, Wyler's Light!

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