Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Pearly White Twirly

An Adventurous Little Snowflake, Transformed Into A Droplet, 
Swims The World Making Friends, Even Visiting Santa!

"A new fairytale children’s keepsake picture book with sing-along music CD that encourages activity is perfect for Christmas gift giving.  “Snow Pearly White Twirly” (Pearly Books/Umlaut Inc., 2013) written by Monika Vix and translated to English by Claudia Raschke-Robinson, is available in hardcover and paperback with audio CD, or audio book at from $9.98 – $22.90. Recommended for children three to eight years old.

Illustrated by Volker Lettkemann, “Snow Pearly White Twirly” was inspired by the traditional German winter song “Schneeflöckchen Weibröckchen.” Snow Pearly is a curious little snowflake that wonders what Earth is like. Despite her mother’s warning, she jumps off her cloud to visit the kids on the beach. Snow Pearly falls into the water and transforms into a water droplet. Together with her new friend, the nosy fish, she swims around the world to find her way back home - but will it be possible? Even Santa helps!

“Snow Pearly White Twirly’s” lively, charming illustrations encourage young children to read out loud and sing along. The book features figures in white throughout that can be colored in. The CD includes a delightful narration of the story as well as an extra karaoke version of all four songs. This creates a personalized and unique children’s book that becomes a keepsake and true enjoyment for the entire family.

Guitar cords and song lyrics are in the book as well. Author Monika Vix composed the music and Ms. Raschke-Robinson’s young daughter Mirabella voices and sings as Snow Pearly. The story is narrated by Liz Roberts.  Songs and the story can be sampled at

“The whole point of ‘Snow Pearly White Twirly’ is to be active,” Ms. Raschke-Robinson said. “As a parent, I am always seeking engaging entertainment for my children that offers an alternative to online, and this beautifully packaged book offers that.”

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What we thought:  The kiddos really enjoyed this book.  It is beautifully written and illustrated and really held their attention.  Snow Pearly White Twirly takes us on a fun journey while also gently teaching simple science.  The book and accompanying CD really engage the listeners.  Both intriguing and entertaining, this book would make a great gift this holiday season!
ABCD Diaries gives Snow Pearly White Twirly an A+!

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