Friday, June 20, 2014

Spice Things Up With Teeny Tiny Spice Co of Vermont! #Sponsored

**Complimentary products received in exchange for out honest review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone**

We recently had the chance to review a couple of spice blends from Teeny Tiny Spice Co of Vermont: 

Teeny Tiny Spice Co of Vermont is a family-owned and operated business.  The folks at Teeny Tiny Spice Co love international cuisine, but realized there wasn't a large selection of quality spice blends for the foods they loved.  They decided to create their own blends and Teeny Tiny Spice Co of Vermont was born.

We reviewed the Montreal Seasoning and the blend that started the company, the Perfection Spice Rub.

B loves sprinkling Montreal Seasoning on grilled meats.  He gave our salmon the Teeny Tiny Spice Co treatment with a little Montreal Seasoning and it was wonderful!  Bursting with flavor and perfectly complimenting the dish:) The description from the website: "Black and white peppercorns are ground with herbs and salts to create a blend that can tolerate high heat cooking of a hot grill or pan."  Perfectly describes the Montreal Seasoning!

We gave ribs a hearty application of the Perfection Spice Rub while we had company in town
 and I was so busy I forgot to take a picture.  The ribs were divine and there were no left overs
 so you know that's a good sign!  This rub is expertly blended with herbs, spices and salts that 
really bring out the flavor and complement your meats wonderfully.  It's so versatile...definitely a
 staple in the spice cabinet!  

We loved our spices from Teeny Tiny Spice Co of Vermont!  The labels are full of great information.  They include the ingredient list, suggestions for use and even a recipe!  There are so many spices available at Teeny Tiny Spice Co of Vermont...for foods from India to Africa to Asia and beyond!  Definitely worth checking out if you love to try international flavors!

ABCD Diaries gives Teeny Tiny Spice Co of Vermont an A+!

Buy It:
Check out all the amazing spice blends at Teeny Tiny Spice Co of Vermont!

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