Friday, September 3, 2010

Lily Organics Review...

Thanks to Lily Organics, we recently had the opportunity to try this Balancing Facial Lotion:

About Lily Organics:"To provide the best results we have to use the planet’s finest ingredients, that is why we:
-Are SEED to SHELF™ to insure every step of quality!
-Have our own certified organic farm
-Make our products up fresh every week!
-Harness and bottle the power of Mother Nature!
-No synthetic chemicals—ever!
-Package full size only in glass!
-Guarantee our product will give you glowing skin and healthy results
Do you want beautiful skin? What makes a quality product? Lily Organics, inc. is redefining quality in skin care. Determine if your skin care products meets the highest standards by these simple 6 questions.
-Do you get fabulous results?
-Are they free of ALL synthetic chemicals?
-Are they made fresh weekly?
-Are they handcrafted?
-Are the ingredients organic?
-Does the company have their own FDA inspected lab where they make all their own products and maintain the highest quality control?
If you can answer, “yes,” to all 6 of these questions you have a good quality product.
Quality is Ingredients! There is nothing else in that little bottle that can actually improve your skin tone. Not the packaging, not the latest fad, and certainly not the 14 year old models designed to sell 40- 50 year old women products. Quality comes from dew fresh ingredients from organic farms. Quality comes from the head, hearts and hands of people, like me and you. Quality is developed over several decades of love, heart, and hard work. Quality is classic. Quality is purity. Quality is honest. Quality is a gift from Mother Nature.
That is why we call our products, “Dew Fresh” – Skin Care products. Just like nature creates morning dew, our products are crafted to make your skin fresh and healthy as the morning dew.
No synthetic chemicals - Ever!"

About the Balancing Facial Lotion:
"Balancing Facial Lotion was formulated as a lighter alternative to our beloved Moisturizing Cream so that all skin types could benefit from the ingredients. It contains Primrose Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil to renew your skins moisture, plus Horsetail and Coltsfoot to assist in cell proliferation. The much sought-after Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang, used in aromatherapy as a anti-depressant is included for its delightful scent and sense of well being."

What we thought: I was very impressed with Lily Organics Balancing Facial Lotion. It was easy to apply and spread smoothly leaving my skin feeling moisturized, but was at the same time very lightweight. I love the idea that Lily Organics products are never made with synthetic chemicals, only natural ingredients, and that they are cruelty free. The ingredient list was really amazing, including several organic oils, extracts and herbs and I could recognize(and pronounce:) every single item! That is pretty impressive. I love knowing what I'm putting on my body and the bodies of my family members is safe and organically grown. I wasn't a huge fan of the scent, but was super glad the lotion wasn't artificially scented, and the overall benefits of the lotion were definitely worth it! ABCD Diaries gives Lily Organics an A for some really great, naturally vegetarian skin care products!!
Buy It: You can find these amazing natural skin care products at Lily Organics.

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given Balancing Facial Lotion for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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