Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shirts That Go Review + Coupon Code...

Thanks to Shirts That Go, D recently had the opportunity to review this fun bulldozer t-shirt:

About Shirts That Go and the Bulldozer Tee:
"Our bulldozer tshirts showcase a modern dozer working hard and pushing boulders right off the t-shirt! We did not miss any details on this one which makes it a perfect choice for that bulldozer lover in your family.
Our bulldozer t-shirt showcases a modern diesel bulldozer printed huge and pushing boulders right off of the shirt. This is one awesome kids t-shirt!
Our bulldozer tees all feature very soft material so they are comfortable right out of the box. Even the kids (like ours) that fuss about shirts being itchy or somehow not comfy will be amazed! We are talking about 100% American ring spun cotton that is made right here in the USA by American Apparel. A bulldozer is a crawler (caterpillar tracked tractor), equipped with a substantial metal plate (known as a blade) used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, etc., during construction work and typically equipped at the rear with a claw-like device (known as a ripper) to loosen densely-compacted materials. The term "bulldozer" is often used to mean any heavy equipment (sometimes a loader and sometimes an excavator), but precisely, the term refers only to a tractor (usually tracked) fitted with a dozer blade. That is the meaning used here. Our bulldozer tees are printed in the USA using direct to garment (DTG) printing technology. With DTG the printed image is soft and very bright so it looks great. This is all accomplished with eco friendly water based inks.All orders are shipped via the USPS and include our custom truck box so you will not miss it when it arrives in your mailbox. The tshirt(s) are folded neatly inside with packing slip (up to 4 tees per box). We use no plastic bags for safety and environmental reasons. Shirts That Go! t-shirts make really nice gifts and the packaging delights the kids and grownups alike."
What we thought: D absolutely LOVES this shirt. He wants to wear it everyday!! We have pictures of B when he was deployed driving many of the heavy equipment vehicles and I'm pretty sure that is what inspired D to pick this particular shirt. I made the mistake of referring to it as his dump truck shirt one scatterbrained morning and he quickly said "Nooo, dozer mommy, " like "C'mon lady, get it right already":)...he definitely knows his trucks better than me:) This shirt is super soft and the printing is done very well, it looks super realistic. It fits D really well, though we did go a size larger than he usually wears. I kinda wish they had tees in colors other than white, but so far every stain has come out of D's bulldozer shirt, so it has lasted stain-free way longer than I first expected. I love the variety of kid's t-shirts at Shirts That Go, whether you're looking for a Firetruck Shirt, a Train Shirt, an Airplane Shirt, a Motorcycle Shirt or even a Garbage Truck Shirt...whatever your little guy's (or girl's:) addiction, if it "goes", you can most likely find it at Shirts That Go.

Buy It: Come shop for your kids t-shirts at ShirtsThatGo. They have fire truck t-shirts, train t-shirts, airplane t-shirts, and garbage truck t-shirts all made in the USA. Shipping is free! Save 10% on single shirt orders with coupon code: abcdDisclosure: ABCD Diaries was given a tee for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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