Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby GoGo Review...

Thanks to Baby GoGo, the kiddos recently had the opportunity to review this adorable doll:

About Baby GoGo:
"Dolls are a valuable tool for teaching nurturance and in adjusting to changes in family life, especially in welcoming a new sibling. Children love to imitate their parents, and a doll gives a child the opportunity to care for something of their very own. Baby GoGo™ is reinventing the look of the baby doll for the 21st century. Outfitted in bright, gender-neutral colors and patterns, our 13-inch doll is the perfect playmate for a girl or a boy, and like most children today is bright and on the move.
The Baby GoGo™ line includes illustrated storybooks, outfits and accessories featuring rich, contemporary colors that children will recognize from their own wardrobes and surroundings. The first book, "Baby GoGo™ Goes Home", tells children the story of Baby GoGo™ leaving the hospital after being born and meeting siblings for the first time! The book comes packaged with Baby GoGo™ dressed in our sleepytime outfit and a cozy, soft blankie. This package is an ideal tool for helping a child prepare for and adjust to a new baby in the house. The accessories and outfits extend the play value with a diaper bag for children to carry, a Moses bed for baby's naps, an outfit for playtime, and many more to come. Baby GoGo™ offers children, parents and grandparents the value of classic pretend play, while giving a fresh new look in line with 21st century life.
Every child should have the opportunity to learn to nurture. By removing the traditional ruffles and pastel pink and blue, Little Sib is working to remove gender-bias in toys. Baby GoGo™ meets toy safety requirements and is packaged in recycled materials, helping to make it a purchase to feel good about. Together we can make our world kinder, cleaner and safer for our children."

About Baby GoGo™ Goes Home Doll Set:
"Welcome home Baby GoGo™! This adorable 13-inch baby doll comes dressed in soft, cozy pajamas and a hat. Children can tuck Baby GoGo™ in with a warm blankie included. This wonderful gift set also comes with an adorable story book following Baby GoGo's experience coming home from the hospital, from meeting the family to having a bottle, and earning a nickname. Dressed to mirror a modern day baby, children will instantly recognize and bond with this toy. Whether the child is getting ready for a new sibling or just loves baby dolls, Baby GoGo™ is a valuable tool in teaching children how to nurture, a vital life-long skill."

What we thought: I love the idea behind this doll. The fact that it is gender-neutral is cool, because the kiddos get to choose whether the baby is a boy or a girl from day-to-day. The clothes match today's fashions and the accessories are great too! The book that came with our baby was a lot of fun as well. Needless to say, bith kiddos really enjoyed playing with their Baby GoGo doll. Baby GoGo would be great for a child whose family is expecting a new baby and a child who just loves playing with dolls alike:) I think most children would love playing with this adorable doll. ABCD Diaries gives Baby GoGo an A+!

Buy It: Find these wonderful dolls at Baby GoGo.

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given a Baby GoGo for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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