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Fabrikators Kitchen Gadget Review...

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We recently had the opportunity to review some really neat kitchen gadgets from Fabrikators.
About Fabrikators:
"Fabrikators is new venture. What started as a tiny annoyance to clean new potatoes has in a few years grown to be one of the most interesting...
Founders Andersen & Forsberg met on a weekend tour and both being engineers it was only natural start talks about products, product development and engineering. Quickly they learned that they shared many ideas and interests and this made them quit their regular jobs and start Fabrikators in 2005.
The first product thought out was the famous “potato glove”. Lars had for some time found the cleaning of new potatoes especially annoying and in short the idea of a rough nylon glove came about. Sponges, peelers and vegetable brushes all construed disadvantages when used for fresh potatoes and that needed to be taken care of.
Our ambition was to sell some 5,000-10,000 pairs on a yearly basis so it was a big surprise for us to see that alone in Denmark we managed 80,000 pairs the first year and that in 2009 we crossed a magical 1 million pairs in sales worldwide. The idea is so simple and attractive that we could basically sell it all over. After Denmark we moved to Sweden, Norway and Germany and later in 2007 we had distribution in 15+ countries including all major European markets, Canada and the US. Today the glove have created am amazing network for us in 30 + countries with more than 600 accounts and approximately 6000 shops offering the scrubbing gloves. The new thing for us is now the fish glove which we launched mid 2009 and then to get the new and innovative water proof gloves ready for 2010. We are sure the water proof gloves will be an equal success among fans of Skruba. We are always looking for the simple yet ingenious ideas and so far we have more than enough to do.
The new products launched in 2009 all available from November 1st are good examples of the same. “Ingenious” is more important than “complicated”. To simplify things and make things easier is in fact not that easy and only the best ideas survive with us."
About the gadgets we reviewed:-Potato Skrub'a: The potato glove was introduced in 2006 and is by far the most popular scrubbing glove to date with sales close to 1 mil. pairs. The glove is a one size fits all and ideal to scrub, rinse and clean new potatoes, baked potatoes and many other vegetables.
-Carrot Skrub'a:The carrot glove was introduced in 2007 and present in a fresh and modern colour. The glove is great for scrubbing and cleaning carrot, parsley root and root fruits in general.
-Lemonfriend:Just a little squeeze is all you need. End of greasy fingers, staining and the hassle of getting just a few drops into your dish. A new smart little invention solves the problem. Simply place the slice in the Lemonfriend and ready to go. Get all the juice and keep hands, fingers, clothes dry and clean and avoid getting the seeds in your dish.
What we thought: We LOVED our Skrub'a gloves! We were given a toddler set of potato gloves and an adult set of carrot gloves. The kiddos really enjoy helping clean the veggies and I am happy to have their help in the kitchen.. It really helps them get excited about preparing our meals:) The gloves work wonderfully...way better than just using our hands and less germy than a sponge or all-purpose scrub pad. The Lemonfriend was pretty neat to...we use a lot of lime and lime in our foods, so these were really helpful and easy to use. All of our Fabrikators gadgets are made with quality materials and easy to clean/care for. Fabrikators also makes a scrub brush that can stick to your sink and a line of toddler flatware. We loved our Fabrikators gadgets and hope to see some new ones in the near future! These nifty gadgets would be perfect for anyone on your gift-giving list who enjoys making life in the kitchen easier and more fun! ABCD Diaries gives Fabrikators an A+!

Buy It: Find these handy kitchen gadgets at the Fabrikators website.
Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given a set on Lemonfriends and 2 pair of gloves for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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