Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jim's Organic Coffee Review...

Thanks to Jim's Organic Coffee, we recently had the opportunity to review a couple of different bags of coffee.

About Jim's Organic Coffee:
"In 1985, Jim Cannell happened upon the coffee industry by chance when, while seeking work in Manhattan's Wall Street district, he was gruffly told by his future boss "OK kid, here's a desk, pick up the phone." Thus an odyssey in the green (unroasted) coffee business began.
In 1992, with a knowledge of coffee and a desire to roast organic, Jim started his own roasting company. Just two years of growth and success attracted the attention of a larger company who made a merger offer which made a great deal of sense. After working for the larger company for a short time, Jim left to start James C. Cannell Coffees and Jim's Organic Coffee™ was born.
Jim's coffee experience allows you to be safe and secure in the knowledge that Jim's Organic Coffee™ comes from a proven coffee merchant, one who guarantees quality, one who supports organic for the 'right' reasons, and one who is constantly striving to deliver you the best product possible.And, with Jim's Organic Coffee™ your enjoyment goes beyond taste, and into peace of mind…
Jim's Organic Coffee™ roasts, packs, and distributes exclusively certified organic coffee.
Jim's Organic Coffee™ is:

· Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International

· Certified Kosher

· Grown and Processed in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act 1990

· Grown under shade canopy

· From farms and farmers who are paid premiums to farm organically and thus treat their land, air and water tables with respect AND to sustain themselves and their communities.

The two kinds of coffee we reviewed were:

-Sweet Love Blend-Our dark house. This ambrosian aroma with full bodied, smokey taste. Roast: Dark. In a word: Uplifting.

-Costa Rica La Amistad-Silky texture in a bright, even cup. Roast: Medium Light. In a word: Sunshiny

What we thought: B is the coffee-drinker in our house. He says: "If you like a dark smokey flavored coffee, you will probably enjoy Jim's Sweet Love Blend. It is definitely a full-flavored coffee. The Costa Rica La Amistad was smooth and lived up to it's claim of "sunshiny."
The variety at Jim's Organic coffee is pretty great...there is something for every coffee drinker...they have single origins coffees and blends, naturally flavored coffees and even Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated coffees. If you are looking for delicious organic coffee, Jim's Organic Coffee is where you'll find it! ABCD Diaries gives Jim's Organic Coffee an A!

Buy It: Find these full flavored coffees online or at a retailer near you by using the store locator.

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given 2 bags of coffee for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.


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