Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Play-Doh Play-Dates Website Review...

We were recently asked to do a review of the Play-Doh Play-Dates website by Hasbro.  I never even knew such a website existed, but I'm sure glad we found it!  This website is full of fun activities to do with your entire Play-Doh loving family including Play-Doh inspired creations, super-easy printable crafts and fun snacks that even the kiddos can help prepare!  There are several themed activities for the different seasons of the year and for the newest kits Play-Doh puts out.  One of the hottest new Play-Doh kits is the Play-Doh Pizza Shop, so the unit we focused on was all about pizza related activities.  We did a Play-Doh activity, a craft and a snack and we had a blast!

First up was the Play-Doh personalized pizza creation.  We loved the step-by-step instructions that were accompanied by color pictures.  This was really helpful for both the kids and Mom and Dad.

Step 1
Roll out one large light brown circle, one medium red circle, one thin white tube, one thin green tube, four dark brown balls and four thin black tubes.
Step 2
Flatten the large light brown circle into a “pizza crust” and spread the red circle over the “crust” to form the “sauce”. Roll the black tubes into “olives”, squish the brown balls into “meatballs” and pinch the white and green tubes into “onion” and “green pepper” pieces

Step 3
Toss toppings on your PLAY-DOH pizza with pride.
After we each made a pizza to suit our tastes, we printed out the pizza box craft for each person.  This was also super easy given the step-by-step instructions and with minimal help our 2 and 5 year olds were able to create these cute pizza boxes for their Play-Doh creations. 
We made a few extra boxes to use with the snack project.  Again, step-by-step instructions and color pictures were very useful to create the English muffin pizzas to match our Play-Doh pizzas.  We added a few bonus ingredients and once we were done, we loaded the pizzas into the boxes and then played pizza delivery. B and I called in our orders and our pizzas were hand delivered by two of the cutest pizza delivery kiddos ever!  The pizzas were delicious, by the way:)
We really enjoyed our experience with the Play-Doh Play-Dates website and will definitely be visiting again and again for new fun activities that I know our whole family will enjoy.  These age-appropriate activities are great for boosting your child's creativity with hands-on experiences.  You should definitely check out Play-Doh Play-Dates!  ABCD Diaries gives Play-Doh Play-Dates an A+!

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