Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clean+Green Pet Odor Eliminator Review and Giveaway...

2011 Holiday Entertaining Guide: Clean Carpets
"Clean+Green natural pet stain and odor removers use a patented Advanced Encapsulation Technology(tm) and an Advanced Eliminator3 Formula that naturally encapsulate and eliminate stain and odor on contact - even skunk odor! - by naturally biodegrading the stain/odor source. The all natural formula - ingredients are cane sugar derivatives, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose, purified water and a natural aerosol propellant (nitrogen) delivers instant results in a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly solution. For more information, please visit www.odorandstainremover.com "
Dog Urine Odor and Stain Remover Clean+Green
"CLEAN+GREEN® dog urine stain and odor remover is made from organic and biodegradable ingredients and packaged so you can recycle the container. You now have an environmentally friendly, natural carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning solution for urine removal, odor removal and stain removal.
Clean+Green dog urine stain remover and odor remover will positively work to remove any dog urine stain, dog urine odor, dog smell and dog feces, vomit and any other dog accident.
You can now have an eco friendly home for your dog, and recycle our product packaging to protect the environment - clean green and use our effective, non toxic, organic odor and stain remover!

CLEAN+GREEN, your natural pet stain + odor remover:
•Works Instantly and Easily
•All Natural Ingredients
•Powerful and Effective
•Safe for Pets, People and the Planet"

What we thought: We were pretty impressed with this cleaner.  It is easy to use and works instantly.  There is virtually no odor or stain after use on carpet!  Of course another fantastic reason to use Clean+Green products is that the are safe, not just for the family and pets, but for the Earth as well:)  This cleaner could be a really helpful tool in getting your carpets and upholstery ready for those holiday guests:)  ABCD Diaries gives Clean+Green an A+!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given samples for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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