Monday, March 10, 2014 Amazing Science, Vol. 1 DVD Review

We were recently given the opportunity to review Amazing Science, Volume 1, a DVD from  This DVD is full of hands-on science experiments and is perfect for grades 1-3.

We are at a point in our homeschool year where we don't really have a structured Science curriculum, so this DVD was perfect for filling in the gaps with fun, hands-on experiments that the kiddos really enjoyed.  A is in 3rd grade and D is in 1st.  Science is one of the lessons I like to teach to them both at the same level, and the suggested grade range was, for the most part, just right for us.  There were a few experiments that were a little over D's head, but the majority of them worked great for both kids. 

This DVD set comes on 2 discs, and covers a total of 23 experiments.  The range of information is very broad covering topics from air pressure to electricity to heat to magnetism, plus some super fun physics and chemistry experiments!   Each lesson starts by telling you the materials you will need to complete the activity at home.  We always paused the DVD at this point and gathered our supplies.  Then the instructor shows step-by-step instructions on how to perform the experiment.  He gives very good explanations throughout the whole process and then after the experiment explains what happened and why.  My kiddos love experiments, but they don't always like to stick around to discover the "why," so I really loved this part of the show:)   The instructor even takes opportunities to show what might happen if you do the experiment incorrectly or with a different variable, which I think is also very important for scientific discovery in young children.

I especially loved that these experiments used materials that are, for the most part, easy to find; items you likely already have on hand.  Not a lot of out of pocket expense for materials = one happy momma!

A few of our favorite lessons were Color-Changing Milk, Unburnable Money, Balloon in a Candle Flame and Simple Lava Lamp; though there wasn't one lesson the kiddos said they "didn't like"...a sure sign of a winner!

This DVD would be fantastic as a supplement to your homeschool curriculum or just for fun during school breaks...perfect for encouraging learning through play on inclement weather days or when "there's nothing to do." :)

 It's no wonder has won so many awards!  It's fun and it works!  Want to know how I know?  When B comes home from work the kiddos are bouncing around, talking over one another to try to explain what experiments we did each day.  Then when I ask "Why did that happen?" they can actually explain to him the "why!"  Woohoo!!  I am really impressed by these lessons and would recommend them to anyone with young kids.  They are a great way to get kids interested and engaged...I mean what kid doesn't like hands-on science experiments?!

One of the best parts, in my opinion, is that the kids ask to do these experiments over and over.  It's not a "watch it once and get rid of it" DVD...which makes it an even better investment:)  ABCD Diaries gives Amazing Science Vol 1 an A+!  

You can buy Amazing Science Vol 1 on DVD for 17.95 or download the lessons for 14.99 at

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  1. We did the math so I came to check out your review today ! I think I will get this for the kids. Thank you.
    Linda Finn


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