Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way! Review...

Thanks to Arm & Hammer, A was recently given the chance to try out her very own Spinbrush My Way!
A little info about this fun toothbrush:
Spinbrush My Way! features...
• The first and only customizable battery toothbrush, which makes brushing fun!
• Packaged with over 140 stickers, including:
-pink and purple letters
-loveable animals
-fun phrases
-“rock star”- type stickers (guitar, musical note, etc.)
-whimsical rainbows, flowers, peace signs and hearts
• Water-safe stickers may be applied to the thick part of the handle
• Unique “gem” on/off button
• Pink bristles and battery cap
• Perfect for girls ages 3 to 12
• Smaller brush head than Spinbrush adult brushes
• Kids brush 38% longer with a Spinbrush battery powered toothbrush than with
a manual brush
• Promotes healthy brushing, reduces plaque and massages gums
• Includes 2 replaceable AAA batteries
What we thought:
A had never used a battery operated brush before so she thought that was pretty cool, but the absolute best part(as you could imagine for a 4 yr old girly-girl who loves arts and crafts) were the pages and pages of stickers she used to decorate her brush. I tried to take a picture, but none of them would do the artwork justice. Suffice to say, she put as many of the 140 stickers as possible onto her brush, along with her name of course:) She loves this brush ans I love that it gets her more excited about brushing her teeth. ABCD Diaries gives the new Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way an A+!
Disclosure:ABCD Diaries was given a Spinbrush My Way! for review purpose only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this review are ours and ours alone.

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