Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweetly You Review...

We recently reviewed a sampler of perfumes from Sweetly You.
About Sweetly You:
"What Makes our Fragrance Oils Unique?
Pure Fragrance Oils: No Ethanol to irritate the skin, alter the scent, or break down the fragrance. A little fragrance goes a LONG way.
Unique Fragrances: Find a fragrance for every personality. Many of Sweets Perfumes Original Fragrances would never be found anywhere else in the world.
Special bottles designed to allow you to take your fragrance where you need you it most most.
Best of all! Prices everyone can afford!

Perfumes: What We Smell Can Affect how We Feel.Have you ever walked into a room where fresh cinnamon rolls were baking and were immediately transported back in time to the home where you grew up, your mom in an apron, just taking the rolls out of the oven? Or sometimes you smell someone's cologne and you remember your junior prom? There is a definite connection between fragrance and memory. When the nose detects a scent, olfactory neurons send information to the brain's limbic system. It is the same system that controls our memory, behavior, and emotions before the information gets sent on to the cortex. Odors can be strong reminders of past experiences, both positive and negative. We often find ourselves drawn more toward scents that are related to fond memories. For example, if one wore a certain perfume during a successful relationship, one might want to re-create that feeling in the present time by wearing the same or similar fragrance. The aroma of your own home is important, not just to you but to visitors. It has been said that a house that is on the market is more likely to be sold to the buyers who smell bread baking in the oven while they are viewing the home. Most likely they are carried back to pleasant memories of childhood and feel comfortable and at home in the new place, just because of the smell coming from the kitchen. Use your crock pot or bread machine and you will find that coming home to the wonderful smells of meals being prepared will help contribute to a more relaxed, happy attitude for you and your family. Also, don't forget about the smell of flowers and candles as an easy addition to the pleasant aroma of a home. But since we can't always have bread in the oven or candles burning, what about using a special scent that goes where you go? Lotions, body washes, sprays, perfumes, and other body care products such as essential oils, can be relaxers. Floral fragrances are feminine and probably the most popular scent. If you love a certain bloom, you might try choosing a scent that starts with that one flower. So-called green scents tend to be light and are ideal for someone who doesn't normally like to wear perfume. Green scents can include grass, bamboo, woody pine, and cypress, as well as herbs like rosemary and mint. When it is cold outside during the fall or winter, people tend to gravitate to fragrances that elicit warmth and comfort. Whatever you choose, just remember the connection between scents, memory, and emotion. Feeling emotions such as peace, empowerment, and self-confidence can all come from being surrounded in the fragrance that brings those positive experiences to mind."
About the perfume sampler:
"You will not find a less expensive set of perfume samplers anywhere!, plus they are currently 20% off. With a sale price of about $0.80 per sample and free shipping, this opportunity is hard to pass up!
We know with so many Fragrance and Perfume options it can be difficult to decide which ones are right for you. Sweetly You's commitment has always been to help women find perfumes and body products that compliment their personality. Now you have the opportunity to find the perfect scent for you.
Simply select 10 samples that interest you from our large pure oils perfume selection and we'll ship them for FREE!, even international!"
What we thought: This is a really cool idea if you are searching for the perfect perfume! You get to try several kinds and decide which scents you prefer without breaking the bank and throwing out a ton of perfumes. I must say though, of the ten I tried, I don't think I will be throwing any of them out:) Sweetly You does a pretty good job of capturing the scents of name brand perfumes and I noticed most of the perfumes I choose had a name brand counter part. Several smelled very close to Victoria Secret perfumes(Divinity, Pink, Very Sexy) but were extremely affordable! I do notice in the cooler months I long for a more sunny fragrance and Citrus Seduction was perfect! I also really liked the lighter smells of New Romance and Passionfire. All of the scents smelled wonderful and lasted quite awhile which is pretty impressive for the price! If you are looking for an easy, affordable way to find your perfect scent, you should try a sampler from Sweetly You. They have really awesome gift sets as well if you are looking for a gift for that special someone(don't forget Valentine's Day is just around the corner!) or just to pamper yourself(you deserve it!) ABCD Diaries gives Sweetly You an A+!

Buy It: Find these cool perfume samplers and much more at Sweetly You!!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given a sampler for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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