Thursday, May 29, 2014

Celebrate Summer With the Tea Lover's Subscription Box: Tea Sparrow! #Spon

**Complimentary products received in exchange for out honest review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone**

We recently had the chance to review a tea sampler from Tea Sparrow, a monthly subscription tea company:

Tea Sparrow was created by loose leaf tea lovers.  Their mission is to provide new teas to other tea-lovers to help broaden their tea-tasting horizons (my words, not their's:)

Each Tea Box comes with 4 different teas packaged individually in cute little envelopes that hold approximately 1oz of loose leaf  tea. Every month is different, so you’ll always have new teas to discover and enjoy.  One sampler can make between 35-65 cups of tea depending on how strong you like your tea.

Each envelope has an informational label attached giving you background info on the tea, how to prepare the tea, ingredients and ordering information for when you find a blend you love, and you WILL find new teas that you will love and crave more of:)  Tea Sparrow doesn't sell individual teas, but they give you all the info you need to buy from the tea blender.

Tea Sparrow subscriptions start at just $20 monthly, which is a pretty sweet deal for this fun surprise pack of teas delivered straight to your door.  It would make a nice gift for all the tea-lovers in your life as well:)

Now, let's take a look at what was in the May Tea Sparrow box:

Passion Peach

This tea is from tea blender Bissell. It is a mouthwatering peach tea and tastes distinctly of passion fruit and, well,  peach.  This was great warm and iced...the perfect fruity tea for summer!

Red Rose Rooibos

Red Rose Rooibos from Tiesta Teas has recently been re-blended to incorporate fruity hints and a floral finish.  Another super summer tea!

 Spring Kiss

Sonnentor’s Spring Kiss, with mint, licorice and gentle touch of lemon is crisp and refreshing, really reminiscent of warmer Spring weather.  This tea was fantastic iced!

 Treasures of Japan

Aromatica Teas offers up this expertly blended tea, Treasures of Japan, blending five elite Japanese green teas together to make one exquisite brew! 

We really enjoyed sampling all of these wonderful teas!  The folks at Tea Sparrow really know how to find the best of the best:)

ABCD Diaries gives Tea Sparrow an A+!

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  1. Hi It's Karen here of Aromatica Fine Teas - where Treasures of Japan comes from - thanks for your kind words. Would you like other teas to sample & review?


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