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"Flight of the Sparrow" by Amy Belding Brown Book #Review + #Giveaway

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We recently had the chance to review Flight of the Sparrow by Amy Belding Brown:

"On August 5th, NAL is thrilled to publish Amy Belding Brown’s much-buzzed-about novel FLIGHT OF THE SPARROW.  

Based on the amazing true story of Mary Rowlandson’s capture in 1675, FLIGHT OF THE SPARROW depicts this monumental moment in our nation’s history with vivid detail, impeccably researched facts, and vibrant characters.

After a long-feared Native American attack, Mary is sold to a female tribal leader, who puts her to work, but allows her a generous and surprising amount of freedom.  But while enduring cold, hunger, and exhaustion, Mary also witnesses first-hand the Native Americans’ freedom of expression and random acts of kindness.  She becomes conflicted inside as she develops an uncomfortable attraction toward an English-speaking Native American, James Printer.  He has seemingly straddled both worlds and becomes her friend and protector. 

When she is eventually ransomed and returned to her surviving family, Mary finds re-entry into the restrictive Puritan culture a challenge.  FLIGHT OF THE SPARROW is about one woman whose experiences in the Puritan and Native American cultures lead her to a new understanding of the world and her place in it.  It transports readers to an unfamiliar time with its layered and evocative narrative and explores the meaning of freedom, faith, and acceptance through the story of a woman who dares to question the expectations of her time."

What we thought:
I love historical fiction, especially when it's based on the lives of actual people.  Flight of the Sparrow was a gripping read.  From the very beginning, I was drawn in and had a hard time putting this one down.  The author does an amazing job of creating amazing images of the scenery and captivating personalities for her characters.  You really find yourself transported to early America and rooting for several of the main characters.  This novel brings to light the ideals of the Puritan settlers and a glimpse into early Native American culture in a sometimes beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking fashion.  This is a fantastic read for fans of historical fiction!

ABCD Diaries gives Flight of the Sparrow an A+!

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  1. I'm currently reading this and have enjoyed it so far! :)


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