Monday, July 7, 2014

Viatek: Fun Kitchen Gadgets! #Sponsored

**Complimentary products received in exchange for out honest review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone**

We recently had the chance to review several fun products from Viatek!  Viatek carries lots of great products to make life easier and more fun. 

We reviewed a set of Orbie Ice Molds, the Amazing Whisk It!, and the EZ Popcorn popper.

First up the Orbie Ice Molds...these were so cool!  They are silicone molds that fit together to make an orbs.  You fill them with water through the top hole and in a few hours you have a perfect solid orb of ice:

These ice orbs are huge and take longer to melt than typical ice cubes which means your drink stays colder longer. You can use the molds to freeze all sorts of liquids and even add fruit of herbs to make beautiful ice orbs for entertaining.

They are easy to use and reuse and they are also easy to clean.  These are a new summer must-have for our family:)

Next up the Amazing Whisk It! This whisk takes the work out of whisking. It is easy to use, no assembly required and is person powered, no electricity or batteries needed! Simply push down on the handle and watch as the whisk begins to evenly mix your ingredients in seconds! This whisk is also dishwasher safe.  You can mix, froth, blend, and whip effortlessly!  This whisk is great for scrambled eggs, mixing wet and dry ingredients and whipping cream and frosting.  It also works great for blending protein shakes thoroughly.

Finally, the EZ Popcorn Popper:

The EZ Popcorn popper uses TPX wave technology too create a convection current to cook healthy popcorn in your microwave.

 You put in the kernels and your microwave does the work of popping up a delicious bowl of popcorn.  Making homemade popcorn isn't just healthier, but cheaper too!  The container pops about as much as a standard bag of microwave popcorn and doubles as a popcorn bowl.  It's just as fast as regular microwave popcorn ad is a fun kitchen tool that the kiddos love!  Our only issue was that it is a fairly small bowl and we had to cook several batches for family movie night.  

Overall, we found these products from Viatek to be very useful and fun!
ABCD Diaries gives Viatek an A+!

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