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Funnybone Toys: Educational Summer Fun! #Sponsored

**Complimentary products received in exchange for out honest review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone**

We recently had the chance to review a selection of fun toys and games from Funnybone Toys:

"Funnybone Toys - card games, toys, and gifts for lovers of Good Design. Funnybone Toys was created as a specialty in the toy and game market: a true combination of form, function, and beautiful minimalist design. The launch of Funnybone Toys, based in Denver, CO, set out to create a US-based company that could mesh these elements together."

Funnybones-  "Funnybones is part skill, part tradition and totally fun! And, with 30 game challenges, the excitement never ends. Funnybones dates to the Greek and Roman periods & now this game is played in many places around the world."

This was a fun game that 5 year old D and 8 year old A could play.  It has lots of challenges and it was kind of neat to learn about the history of the game.

Disruptus - "Asks players to look at objects and ideas and use different approaches — as determined by the roll of a die — to innovate. Disruptus draws inspiration from the very important practice of ‘disruptive thinking’. Disruptive thinking is one of the most powerful ways to innovate. It has been used to create ideas and objects like digital music, camera phones, and car sharing programs. Not only being used in corporations to help employees and teams be more innovative, it’s also beloved by families and has won the Party Game of the Year 2013 by Creative Child Magazine and a Laugh Out Loud Award by Tillywig Toy Reviews."
This game was a little over our kiddos heads, but I know it will be a lot of fun in a few years.  I love that encourages "disruptive thinking" and rewards creativity and "outside-of-the-box" thinking.

Array® - "A colorful take on dominoes where players   compete to place the highest number of multi-color cards into connecting patterns. Special slice and splice moves enable more cards to be played in each turn. Action cards allow players to shake up the game by following instructions to Splatter and Slam their opponents (to give more cards & points). Winner of 4 major awards in 2012."
My kiddos love dominoes, so this was a favorite of theirs.  This is a fun, fast-paced game that the whole family enjoyed.

Spectrix® - "A colorful take on the classic game of Rummy, played in multiple fast paced rounds. The object is to be the first player to get rid of all of the cards in your hand by placing them into color sequences based on the order of colors on the Spectrix guide card or into collections of the same color. Players who are left with cards at the end of each round are given points. Winner of 3 major awards in 2012."
Another fast paced game, Spectrix was better for was a little over D's head.  We've never played  Rummy with the kiddos, but this was a fun way to introduce them to the concepts of the game.  Lots of fun!

CUBU® - "Visual illusion leads to confusion as you try to follow number and color sequences. Watch out for the action cards that could completely disrupt your turn. This game forces players to use their left and right brains at the same time and is often reordered by MIT Museum and other mind stimulating stores. Winner of 5 major awards in 2012."
Cubu was fun, but another game that is best for ages 8+.  Great for sharpening visual perception skills.

Arrazzles™ - "Lets you explore abstract geometrical configurations. Each card has one of five different patterns of slots allowing for countless abstract building and design opportunities. Arrazzles cards are covered in five beautiful, reflective metallic colors, with a different color on each side of the card. As you build and connect the cards, the metallic colors reflect off each other. The hole in the middle of each card allows for further form exploration – it’s sized to perfectly hold a standard plastic straw, so you can connect the cards that way, or string them together with yarn or pipe cleaner, allowing you to build a completely unique abstraction every time you play. Awarded the 2013 Building Toy of the Year from Creative Child Magazine and a Best Creative Fun Award by Tillywig Toy Reviews." 

This was the favorite game from Funnybone toys for the kids.  We used it a free-form building activity and the kiddos loved it!  They have spent hours playing with this set since we received it and it never seems to get old for them.  I love that it encourages creative and abstract geometric thinking.  The kiddos love building and rebuilding different real-life objects and can get super creative with more abstract ideas.

We also got to try out a large selection of Rolli stamps.  The kiddos loved playing with these cute stamp rollers.  They have a variety of themes to choose from and they are simple to use and can be used for so many crafty things...card making, scrapbooking, personalized stationary and much more!  Plus, since they don't require an ink pad, these stamps are a no-mess craft that the kiddos and I can both appreciate:)

We were pretty impressed by the toys and games from Funnybone!  They have so many awesome things to choose from, for every age range and skill level.  These games are fun AND educational, which is my favorite combination:)

ABCD Diaries gives Funnybone Toys an A+!

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