Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Celebrate National Reading Month with 31 Days Of Stories from Cricket!

Each March, for nearly 20 years, schools and families across the country have celebrated the written word with National Reading Month.  Joining in the celebration to ignite a lifetime love for reading, Cricket Media, the most award-winning kid's magazine publisher in the marketplace, will offer families 31 DAYS OF STORIES during the month of March at Cricket

From Cricket Media's home page, an advent-style "Story-A-Day" calendar will offer kids of all ages a free story or article from the pages of one of Cricket's 11 best-in-class magazines - from literary magazines BABYBUG (ages 6 mos-3 years), LADYBUG (ages 3-6), SPIDER (ages 6-9) and CRICKET (ages 9-14) and arts and sciences magazines CLICK (ages 3-6), ASK (ages 6-9), to history and culture-themed publications, FACES and COBBLESTONE (ages 9-14) and more.  Each day throughout the month, a new, engaging and beautifully illustrated story will be unveiled; readers will be prompted to download the full-color PDF story and create a mini-book - perfect for families to create and enjoy together!

A sneak peak at the first week of offerings from Cricket Media's 31 DAYS OF STORIES: 

March 1 -- Hey, Can You Read This? (Featured in ASK; by Rachel Young, art by Jeff Harter) ASK: Did you ever wonder what's happening in your brain when you're reading? Wonder no more!  This article describes what your brain is doing every step of the way.
March 2 -- Big Little Hippo (Featured in BABYBUG; by Valeri Gorbachev) This baby hippo discovers that animals of the jungle come in many shapes and sizes.
March 3 -- Wheels for the Dragon (Featured in CRICKET; by Joan Strauss, illustrated by Alyssa Winans)  With the help of a trusty bicycle, this little emperor learns a big lesson about self-reliance.
March 4 - All Night Long (Featured in CLICK;text and art by Betsy James) Nick, the night keeper at the zoo, takes care of all the animals when everyone else is asleep. Join him as he performs his nightly duties.
March 5 -- A Spectacular Ride (Featured in COBBLESTONE; by Drollene P. Brown, illus. by David Harrington)  In 1777, a sixteen-year-old girl named Sybil Ludington rode forty miles in the night to warn of the coming British attack on Danbury.
March 6 -- The Final King of Ankor Wat (Featured in FACES; retold by Pat Betteley, art by Katie Cantrell)  Four animals compete to see who is worthy to rule the ancient temple Ankor Wat. But a wise elephant teaches them all a valuable lesson about themselves in the process.
March 7 -- A Day at Liberty Bay (Featured in LADYBUG; by Kimberley Long Cockroft, art by Isabel Roxas) Ben has just moved to a new town. He misses his old friend Leo. But with the help of his new friend Samantha and her dog Charley, Ben experiences the wonder of aquatic life on Liberty Bay. 

During National Reading Month, Cricket Media will also offer families the exclusive opportunity to try three free issues of their flagship literary publications for children with BABYBUG, LADYBUG, SPIDER and CRICKET.  New subscribers signing up at will enjoy three months of these Parents' Choice Gold Award-winning  magazines, packed with magical stories and prose, whimsical illustrations -- and always ad-free.

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