Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beecology Review...

We recently had the chance to review several products from Beecology.

About Beecology Natural Skincare and Hair Products:
"About six years ago I agreed to let a co-worker put a beehive on my family farm. I didn't plan to be responsible for it, but when life events kept him from tending to it, I became a beekeeper.
I found bee science and culture fascinating, and I soon began researching bees and attending workshops at The Ohio State University agricultural campus. Beyond enjoying the science, I found that tending the bees gave me time to reflect. It became a cathartic activity.
I also came to realize how connected the bees' world is to ours - any changes in our environment affect their environment as well. I began to think about the foods we eat, the chemicals we use, and the impact these factors have on bees and on us. That's when the idea hit me: I wanted to make natural skincare and hair products using honey, beeswax, and other ingredients that are good for us and our world.
This is the philosophy behind Beecology. Today my family and I produce a full line of natural products - lip balm, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion - that help our customers keep their skin and hair healthy the natural way.
But being a good corporate citizen isn't just about using the Earth's products wisely. So in addition to drawing from the world to make our natural skincare and hair products, we give back through our charitable arm, We invite you to join us in making a difference."
About the Small Gift Crate with Lip Balm:
"Try one of our small gift crates and get a sample of our natural bath and body products.
Shampoo - 1 oz.
All natural shampoos are not the same, and when it comes to performance Beecology's sulfate-free shampoo outshines all the rest. We go beyond simply safe with a recipe of pure ingredients that delivers healthy, soft, touchable hair. We have never made our natural shampoos from sulfates or parabens, both of which can damage your hair and skin. Instead we craft our sulfate-free shampoo - and its coordinating natural conditioner - from botanicals such as honey, chamomile, and yarrow. Beecology sulfate-free shampoo replenishes and nourishes your hair the way nature intended.
Conditioner - 1 oz.
Just as your body feels better when you nourish it with natural foods, your hair feels better when you soften it with a natural hair conditioner. Beecology uses only the purest ingredients to create our natural hair moisturizer. The combination of flavonoids, exotic proteins, and nature’s oils will strengthen and nourish your hair like no other natural hair conditioner on the market. Use it after Beecology’s sulfate-free shampoo to bring out the shiny, silky best in your hair every time you shower.
Hand & Body - 1 oz.
Shea butter lotion. Those three simple words promise you’re getting a product created from one of the best natural moisturizers around. What makes Beecology’s Hand & Body Cream different from the rest is our other ingredients, such as Cupuacu butter, honey, and olive oil, all combined in a fabulous paraben-free lotion. Light on fragrance but heavy on healing power, our unique Shea butter lotion will fast become your favorite.
Body Wash - 1 oz.
Beecology knows what you want in an SLS-free body wash: luxurious lather, an intoxicating scent, and gentle but effective cleansing power. We've wrapped these elements into every natural shower gel we make.
These fabulous body washes begin with pure oils and other simple cleansing and moisturizing ingredients; the perfect blend of natural fragrances adds the finishing touch. Choose from peppermint, grapefruit and lemongrass, and lavender and bergamot to find an SLS-free body wash that suits your fancy.
With no worries about artificial color or chemical preservatives, you'll be able enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of each Beecology natural shower gel.
Lip Balm - .15 oz tube
Beecology natural lip balms use only the best of nature to infuse your lips with moisture. We've created a different kind of medicated lip balm, using pure and simple ingredients instead of chemicals to heal dry lips and keep them supple. Available in single tubes for yourself or multipacks to share, Beecology natural lip balms soften and smooth in seconds."

What we thought: We reviewed this lovely gift set from Beecology. The shampoo and conditioner worked wonderfully and left our hair soft and shiny. The body wash smelled fabulous...the peppermint really leaves you feeling refreshed. Our skin was noticeably softer after using it! The hand and body lotion had a pleasant light fragrance and brought some much needed moisture to my dry hands. After the cold wind outside and the dry heat inside mixed with alternating between washing dishes and folding laundry, my hands were really in need of some TLC. Beecology's lotion was just what they needed...the difference was noticeable immediately! And my hands felt softer for hours after using it! My favorite Beecology item was the lip balm. Again, I noticed immediate results the first time I applied this lip balm. The tingling lets you know its working and feels really great at the same time! The lip balm has a pleasant fragrance and really does a great job of smoothing chapped lips. I loved knowing I was providing natural, safe products for my whole family each time we used the products from Beecology! ABCD Diaries gives Beecology an A+!

Buy It: Find these fun eco-friendly stainless steel water bottles at Beecology and Whole Foods!

Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given products for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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