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WallMonkeys Review...

ABCD Diaries
2010 Holiday Gift Guide:

We recently had the chance to review a vinyl growth chart from, created by Jason Weisenthal .

About WallMonkeys:
"WallMonkeys are premium, custom-made wall graphics printed on Photo-Tex fabric, not a big vinyl sticker. Each order is printed in-house and on demand, and customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with every purchase (we're a small company, and we treat our customers like family - albeit extended family). Choose from the thousands of decor wall graphics in our catalog, or upload your own image and we'll turn it into a customized wall art creation. We'll help you take your wall decor to the next level. WallMonkey wall d├ęcor decals are not vinyl wall stickers - they're much, much better. If we're going to make a comparison, a WallMonkey is like a new Ferrari, and a vinyl wall sticker is like the rusty three-wheeled Matchbox car you found buried in your backyard as a kid. Here's why:
-A WallMonkey wall decal sticker will cling to virtually any surface, including ceilings, bricks and concrete
-WallMonkeys are safe for painted walls
-A WallMonkey wall sticker will never damage your walls or wallpaper decor
-WallMonkeys are tackier than hot pink spandex pants at a wedding. They can be removed and re-hung over 100 times without losing wall sticking power
-WallMonkeys are self adhesive
-WallMonkeys are so easy to hang, a nine-year-old can do it
-Unlike many vinyl wall decals, a WallMonkey wall sticker is a sure bet - customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
-WallMonkey wall graphics are printed on Photo-Tex, the highest quality wall art material available.
WallMonkeys are:
-UV protected against fading (again, a regular wall decal sticker is not)
-Extremely durable, unlike vinyl wall stickers. Photo-Tex won't tear, even in 500 MPH winds - try that with vinyl wall decals!
-Whatever size you want them to be, from 12" to 7'
-Made in the USA.
-High-resolution (1440 dpi)
-Printed using eco-solvent digital inks
-Printed on premium 10 millimeter Photo-Tex fabric paper
-Each wall sticker is single sheet contour-cut for perfect decor installation, every time
-Residue-free (a normal wall decal sticker is not)

What we thought: The kid's really liked the bright colors of their personalized Ocean Friends Growth Chart. It was huge, but pretty easy to hang. I had only two issues with our decal...first the name was misspelled, however I ordered in a non-traditional way, so this probably doesn't happen very often. Secondly, the chart started at 2 ft and went to 6 ft. We would have preferred the chart start at one foot because we plan on using it mostly while our kiddos are younger and not when they are taller than me:) Easy solution, hang only one foot above the floor and factor that into your calculations:) I love the fact that the chart is re-hangable...most wall vinyl is only one use. The WallMonkey growth chart was a nice alternative to the traditional chart you would tape/tack/staple to the wall and it really is super cute:) WallMonkeys has a ton of graphics to choose from and you can even get a panoramic wall mural, personalize your own or get an image blown up. What kid wouldn't love a life size picture of themselves adhered to their bedroom wall? We are also looking into changing D's room to a car theme in the future and the street sign wall stickers would be perfect!! WallMonkeys would make excellent gifts for kiddos this holiday season! ABCD Diaries gives WallMonkeys a B+!

Buy It: Find this huge selection of affordable removable wall stickers at!

Disclosure: ACD Diaries was given a growth chart for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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