Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Whirl-a-Style Review...

We recently had the chance to review a cool hair accessory called the Whirl-a-Style.

About Whirl-a-Style:
"The Whirl-a-Style is a new hairstyling product that addresses the needs of women with active “on the go” lifestyles. Their simple, unique design does not pull hair or add any weight to the head, both of which have been known to cause headaches with other products. Our professionally designed hairstyling products do not damage hair when some of the tight twists and knots are worn. They require no pins or hairspray. The Whirl-a-Style has proven to be effective for people in the military, airlines and other uniformed occupations where there is a need to keep hair up and perfectly in place while on active duty. Whirl-a-Style accessories are also in demand by the dance industry where hair must be kept up while performing.

Whirl-a-Styles are very exciting, fun new hair styling products that will quickly expand the possibilities for creative at-home hair designs and professional hairstylists. The strength of these hair design products lies in the tool itself. They are useful and easy devices that allow your hair to be safely pulled back in a twist or bun without the use of any hairpins or claw clips. They are made from a synthetic material which securely grips the hair without tangling it. Each Hair Styler device has a slit through the center of the product where the hair is pulled, then rolled and styled as desired.One of the best elements that make Whirl-a-Style Products so beneficial, is that they are ideal for women with “on the go” lifestyles. All Whirl-a-Style Hairstyler Products are valuable tools for active models, hairstylists, military personnel, airline attendants, dancers, athletes and professional people who need to present a positive, polished and sophisticated upstyle image throughout the day as well as for any special occasion."

What we thought: These accessories were really neat! They were super simple to use and really looked cute on both A and myself. The Whirl-a-Style holds tight, but doesn't pull your hair and your updo will stay up until you unclip your Whirl-A-Style. They come in different sizes for different hair lengths and colors to blend in with several hair colors. The styling possibilities are endless with this nifty tool. Anyone can create an awesome flawless updo in seconds! ABCD Diaries gives Whirl-a-Style accessories an A+!

Buy It: Find these helpful gadgets and more awesome styling tools and accessories at Whirl-a-Style!
Disclosure: ABCD Diaries was given 2 Whirl-a-Styles for review purposes only. We were in no other way compensated. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone.

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