Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrate the Office Admin with Staples!

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This week is National Administrative Professional’s Week!

It seems impossible for just one person to be a fashion expert, social media guru, accountant, babysitter, and morale booster, but administrative professional have claimed to possess all of these qualities (usually all at the same time!). Staples wants to be sure that every administrative professional is recognized for their hard work and dedication. Even after wearing all of these hats and being the go-to person for every problems the office may have, the majority of admins are actually happier than their bosses!

In honor of National Administrative Professionals Day on April 23, Staples conducted their third annual survey. The survey asked both non-admin and admin workers to reveal the truth about happiness in the workplace.

Survey Highlights

·       The majority of workers have no preference when it comes to the gender of their boss (70.3%)

·       When asked about the gender of their admins, more respondents said they prefer a female admin (43.7%) to male (11.3%).

·       Employees divulged that their admins do much more than just office assistance, with 40.9% of respondents saying their admin has had to act as an HR director and just under half (49.6%) say they have played the role of an accountant.

·       Other admin responsibilities have been: therapist (33.6%), childcare (25%), petsitting (19%), taxi driver(21.1%) personal chef (18.2%) and matchmaker (9.4%).

·       They survey revealed that admins are happier than their bosses (60.6% vs. 18.4%).

·       Most of the respondents said the admin boosts employee morale and is a better team player (59.2%) than the boss.

·       Just under half (45.7%) of survey-takers described their boss’ technology skills as “average”, “bad”, or “horrible”.

·       Ellen Degeneres was the talk show host nearly half (48.4%) of respondents wanted to be an assistant to withJimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel coming in close behind.

·       Pam Halpert of The Office won as this year’s favorite fictional admin with 32.1% of respondents choosing her and Andrea Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada was close behind with 28.3%. 

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