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TOS Crew Review: CTC Math 12 Month Family Plan

CTC Math Review
We were recently given the chance to review the 12 Month Family Plan from CTC Math.  CTC Math is called "the most complete online math tutor" and we were excited to try it out and see if it worked for our kiddos.  We have one kiddo who loves math and one who doesn't, so I was interested in trying this program to see if it would encourage and challenge both of them in their math studies.  We have been testing it out for several weeks now and I can safely say math time is easily one of their most favorite times of our homeschool day now:)

Let's talk about the reasons we are loving the CTC Math program!

This program has lessons for grades K-12 and is super comprehensive.  Once you've created accounts for each child, they can log in and pick their lesson from an easy to understand list.  This page shows them which lessons they need to complete, which lessons have been completed and the percentage of questions they've gotten correct for each lesson in each section.  This way, it is easy for them to find what they need to complete and what topics they may need more work on.  CTC Math allows you to repeat all lessons as needed, which is great for those who are struggling with a certain topic.  Once your child picks a lesson, they are directed to the tutorial where the online instructor teaches a lesson with a voice over the work being shown, step-by-step on the screen.  There is no distraction of a physical person on the screen, no flashing ads in the sidebar, no visual distractions whatsoever, just your child and the math lesson.  The lessons are short and sweet, but to the point and easy to understand.
Once they are finished listening to the lesson, they are directed to the questions.  The questions aren't overwhelming, just simple basic stuff that they were just taught.  We are covering elementary level math and the lessons are a few minutes long with about 10-12 questions at the end.  In my opinion, enough to gauge comprehension without bogging the student down with a ton of questions.  The results are shown immediately after the questions are finished and the student is able to see if any questions are incorrect and their percentage of correct answers.  Easy Peasy!! 

The kiddos especially loved that there was a progress bar on the question section so they could tell how many more questions were left at a glance.  They also loved the ribbons they were awarded when completing a level and the ribbon tracker which let them know what goal they were working towards.  

CTC Math offers assessments for each topic and weekly reports delivered to the parent's email to let you know what your student completed and their scores.  This is an easy way to track progress for each student.  The lessons are easy to tailor to each individual student and you can easily jump around grade levels if need be.

CTC Math offers competitive pricing.  The 12 Month Family Plan is only $118.80 right now, which is a fantastic deal for such a comprehensive program that covers every member of your family.

We love the CTC Math Family Plan and would recommend it to other homeschoolers or anyone who needs a little extra math help.

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